Living the Sky Life
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Living the Sky Life

by Barbara BorziPublish: Aug 24, 2021Advice & How To Biographies & Memoirs General Nonfiction Business



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Advice & How To Biographies & Memoirs General Nonfiction Business

I am a Toronto-born Canadian who graduated from university with no clear career goals so looked to the skies and decided to enter the world of aviation. I have been a flight attendant for the past 25 years, despite being afraid of heights and prone to motion sickness. What was supposed to be a fun, temporary job turned into an unforgettable lifetime career full of stories, adventures, and the occasional tears and vomit. Writing a book was a bucket list item for me, however, without my husband's repetitive and annoying questioning, "so how's that book coming along?" would probably not exist. Being grounded from flying, due to the pandemic, gave me ample time to concentrate on my writing. Not only was I able to complete my first book, but I also managed to silence my husband! I currently share my home in Brampton, Ontario with my husband, three adult children and spoiled dog.

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Title Living the Sky Life
Author Barbara Borzi
Publish Date 24, Aug 2021
Language English
Page Count 192