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Angela Knight

I'm Angela Knight, and I've been a published romance author since 1996. I've written more than 50 novels, novellas and eBooks since then.

I first knew I wanted to be a writer when I was nine years old, when I wrote a story called "The Mouse that Went to the Moon," in pencil, illustrated in crayon, fifty-one years ago.

I was first professionally published as a comic book writer in 1988, which is about when I decided I wanted to write romance novels. The biggest thing standing in my way back then was a tendency to compulsively rewrite the first chapter of any book I wrote over and over and OVER again. I have no idea how many first chapters I wrote. I must have murdered twenty perfectly good ideas that way.

Get that first draft finished before you try to edit it, people!

Anyway, I finally overcame the compulsive editing problem in 1996 by writing novellas for Red Sage, one of the first erotic romance novella small presses. A New York editor named Cindy Hwang read one of those books and emailed me about writing for Penguin Putnam's Berkley Sensation imprint.
Not being a complete moron, I jumped at the chance.
I pitched two paranormal series to her, and she bought both of them.

The first was the Mageverse series, which is about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, who in my books are actually vampires, still alive today and fighting to save humanity from our collective suicidal streak.

The second is about genetically engineered futuristic time-traveling warriors called the Time Hunters.
Books from both series hit the New York Times and USA Today best seller lists over the following fourteen years.
I also won a slew of awards from Romance Times Book Club Magazine, culminating in a Career Achievement award.

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$5.99 kindleeBook,
Arcane Island (Arcane Talents 3)by Angela KnightPublish: May 06, 2022Series: Arcane TalentsParanormal Romance Erotic Romance
Arcane Heart (Arcane Talents 2)
$5.99 kindleeBook,
Arcane Heart (Arcane Talents 2)by Angela KnightPublish: Mar 25, 2022Series: Arcane TalentsParanormal Romance Erotic Romance Dark Romance & Erotica
Arcane Kiss (Arcane Talents 1)
(2) $5.99 kindleeBook, Paperback,
Arcane Kiss (Arcane Talents 1)by Angela KnightPublish: Feb 25, 2022Series: Arcane TalentsParanormal Romance
Raven's Song (Arcane Talents 4)
$4.99 kindleeBook,
Raven's Song (Arcane Talents 4)by Angela KnightPublish: Oct 14, 2022Series: Arcane TalentsParanormal Romance Erotic Romance
The Dhampir
$3.99 kindleeBook,
The Dhampirby Angela KnightPublish: Jan 29, 2010Paranormal Romance
Hot Blooded
Hot Bloodedby Christine FeehanPublish: Aug 31, 2004Series: Mageverse seriesParanormal Romance
Fox and Feral (Protect and Serve)
$3.99 kindleeBook,
Fox and Feral (Protect and Serve)by Angela KnightPublish: Feb 12, 2016Paranormal Romance
A Changeling For All Seasons 1 (Changeling Seasons)
$5.99 kindleeBook,
A Changeling For All Seasons 1 (Changeling Seasons)by Angela KnightPublish: Dec 06, 2015Paranormal Romance
Christmas Carole (Christmas Spirits 5)
$3.99 kindleeBook,
Christmas Carole (Christmas Spirits 5)by Angela KnightPublish: Dec 14, 2018Paranormal Romance
The Dark One
$3.99 kindleeBook,
The Dark Oneby Angela KnightPublish: Jun 15, 2014Erotic Romance
Without Restraint (Southern Shields Book 1)
$7.99 kindleeBook,
Without Restraint (Southern Shields Book 1)by Angela KnightPublish: Aug 04, 2015Romantic Suspense
Unbound (Shifters Unbound)
$11.99 kindleeBook,
Unbound (Shifters Unbound)by Angela KnightPublish: Mar 05, 2013Series: Time HuntersScience Fiction Fantasy
Blood Service (All Wrapped Up Multi-Author 1)
$3.99 kindleeBook,
Blood Service (All Wrapped Up Multi-Author 1)by Angela KnightPublish: Mar 13, 2020Series: All Wrapped Up multiauthorParanormal Romance
Forever Kisses Vol.2
$5.99 kindleeBook,
Forever Kisses Vol.2by Angela KnightPublish: Nov 12, 2021Series: Forever KissesParanormal Romance
Moon Dance: A Mageverse Novella A Penguin eSpecial from Berkley Sensation (Mageverse series Book 1)
$2.99 kindleeBook,
Moon Dance: A Mageverse Novella A Penguin eSpecial from Berkley Sensation (Mageverse series Book 1)by Angela KnightPublish: Jul 05, 2011Series: Mageverse seriesParanormal Romance
Paladin (Graven Gods Book 1)
$3.99 kindleeBook,
Paladin (Graven Gods Book 1)by Angela KnightPublish: May 30, 2016Paranormal Romance
Warrior: The Time Hunters
$7.99 kindleeBook,
Warrior: The Time Huntersby Angela KnightPublish: Jul 01, 2008Series: Time HuntersTime Travel Romance
Love Bites (Mageverse series)
$11.99 kindleeBook,
Love Bites (Mageverse series)by Angela KnightPublish: Sep 02, 2014Series: Mageverse seriesParanormal Romance
A Vampire's Christmas
$2.99 kindleeBook,
A Vampire's Christmasby Angela KnightPublish: Nov 18, 2016Paranormal Romance
Guardian: The Time Hunters
$7.99 kindleeBook,
Guardian: The Time Huntersby Angela KnightPublish: Mar 30, 2009Series: Time HuntersTime Travel Romance
$6.99 kindleeBook,
Warlordby Angela KnightPublish: Sep 04, 2007Series: Time HuntersTime Travel Romance
$4.99 kindleeBook,
Unmaskedby Angela KnightPublish: Jan 29, 2021Paranormal Romance
Master of Swords (Mageverse series Book 4)
$7.99 kindleeBook,
Master of Swords (Mageverse series Book 4)by Angela KnightPublish: Oct 03, 2006Series: Mageverse seriesParanormal Romance
Master of Dragons (Mageverse series Book 5)
$6.99 kindleeBook,
Master of Dragons (Mageverse series Book 5)by Angela KnightPublish: Jun 05, 2007Series: Mageverse seriesParanormal Romance
Master of Wolves (Mageverse series Book 3)
$6.99 kindleeBook,
Master of Wolves (Mageverse series Book 3)by Angela KnightPublish: Apr 04, 2006Series: Mageverse seriesParanormal Romance
Master of Seduction (Merlin's Legacy 1)
$4.99 kindleeBook,
Master of Seduction (Merlin's Legacy 1)by Angela KnightPublish: Jul 28, 2017Series: Merlin's LegacyParanormal Romance
Forever Kisses Vol. 1
$5.99 kindleeBook,
Forever Kisses Vol. 1by Angela KnightPublish: Aug 27, 2021Series: Forever KissesParanormal Romance
Master of Darkness (Mageverse series Book 9)
$5.99 kindleeBook,
Master of Darkness (Mageverse series Book 9)by Angela KnightPublish: Aug 07, 2012Series: Mageverse seriesParanormal Romance
Wake Me
$3.99 kindleeBook,
Wake Meby Angela KnightPublish: May 14, 2021Paranormal Romance
Master of Shadows (Mageverse series Book 8)
$5.99 kindleeBook,
Master of Shadows (Mageverse series Book 8)by Angela KnightPublish: Aug 02, 2011Series: Mageverse seriesParanormal Romance
Jane's Warlord
$7.99 kindleeBook,
Jane's Warlordby Angela KnightPublish: Oct 02, 2007Series: Time HuntersTime Travel Romance
Master of the Moon (Mageverse series Book 2)
$7.99 kindleeBook,
Master of the Moon (Mageverse series Book 2)by Angela KnightPublish: May 03, 2005Series: Mageverse seriesParanormal Romance
Master of Magic
$5.99 kindleeBook,
Master of Magicby Angela KnightPublish: Oct 17, 2017Series: Mageverse seriesParanormal Romance
Master of Fate (Merlin's Legacy 3)
$4.99 kindleeBook,
Master of Fate (Merlin's Legacy 3)by Angela KnightPublish: Jun 07, 2019Paranormal Romance
Master of Valor (Merlin's Legacy 2)
$4.99 kindleeBook,
Master of Valor (Merlin's Legacy 2)by Angela KnightPublish: Nov 02, 2018Series: Merlin's LegacyParanormal Romance
How to Write Fight Scenes: Write fights that excite—even if you don’t know a right cross from a left jab.
$4.99 kindleeBook,
Frosty the Snow Dom (Christmas Magic 1)
$3.99 kindleeBook,
Frosty the Snow Dom (Christmas Magic 1)by Angela KnightPublish: Dec 24, 2021Paranormal Romance
$10.99 kindleeBook,
Mercenariesby Angela KnightPublish: Sep 06, 2005Dark Romance & Erotica
Master of Smoke (Mageverse series Book 7)
$5.99 kindleeBook,
Master of Smoke (Mageverse series Book 7)by Angela KnightPublish: Jan 04, 2011Series: Mageverse seriesParanormal Romance
Infernal Desire (Demon Entanglements 5)
$4.99 kindleeBook,
Infernal Desire (Demon Entanglements 5)by Angela KnightPublish: Apr 02, 2021Series: Demon EntanglementsParanormal Romance
Master of Honor (Merlin's Legacy 5)
$4.99 kindleeBook,
Master of Honor (Merlin's Legacy 5)by Angela KnightPublish: Apr 03, 2020Series: Merlin's LegacyParanormal Romance
Master of Passion (Merlin's Legacy 4)
$4.99 kindleeBook,
Master of Passion (Merlin's Legacy 4)by Angela KnightPublish: Oct 04, 2019Series: Mageverse seriesParanormal Romance
Master of Fire (Mageverse series Book 6)
$4.99 kindleeBook,
Master of Fire (Mageverse series Book 6)by Angela KnightPublish: Jan 19, 2010Series: Mageverse seriesParanormal Romance
Master of the Night (Mageverse series Book 1)
$7.99 kindleeBook,
Master of the Night (Mageverse series Book 1)by Angela KnightPublish: Oct 05, 2004Series: Mageverse seriesParanormal Romance
Over The Moon (Mageverse series)
$6.99 kindleeBook,
Over The Moon (Mageverse series)by Angela KnightPublish: Jan 02, 2007Series: Mageverse seriesParanormal Romance
Master of Desire (Merlin's Legacy 6)
$4.99 kindleeBook,
Master of Desire (Merlin's Legacy 6)by Angela KnightPublish: Oct 30, 2020Series: Merlin's LegacyParanormal Romance
Wicked Games (Mageverse series)
$5.99 kindleeBook,
Wicked Games (Mageverse series)by Angela KnightPublish: Apr 01, 2014Series: Mageverse seriesParanormal Romance
Burning Up (PsyChangeling Series)
$7.99 kindleeBook,
Burning Up (PsyChangeling Series)by Angela KnightPublish: Aug 03, 2010Series: Mageverse seriesParanormal Romance
Hot for the Holidays (Breed Book 19)
$9.99 kindleeBook,
Hot for the Holidays (Breed Book 19)by Angela KnightPublish: Aug 28, 2009Series: Mageverse seriesParanormal Romance
Bite (Mageverse series)
$6.99 kindleeBook,
Bite (Mageverse series)by Laurell K. HamiltonPublish: Dec 28, 2004Series: Mageverse seriesParanormal Romance
Shifter (Breed Book 15)
$7.99 kindleeBook,
Shifter (Breed Book 15)by Angela KnightPublish: Mar 04, 2008Series: Mageverse seriesParanormal Romance
Passionate Prisoners
$5.99 kindleeBook,
Passionate Prisonersby Angela KnightPublish: Jan 21, 2022Paranormal Romance
Dracula Dominant: A Razor's Edge Vampire Erotica Short
$2.99 kindleeBook,
Dracula Dominant: A Razor's Edge Vampire Erotica Shortby Angela KnightPublish: Feb 04, 2022Dark Romance & Erotica

Angela Knight's Series in Order

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Angela Knight Interview On 08, Aug 2022

"New York Times bestselling novelist Angela Knight Has written more than 50 novels, novellas, and eBooks. From the time she was nine, she always had a book going. She was first professionally published as a comic book writer in 1988. The author writes in a captivating way and has made fans with her intriguing writing style."
Which is your favorite childhood memory?

When I was 9, I wrote a story about a mouse stowing away on Apollo 11 because he thought the moon was made of green cheese. I think there was a tiny mouse spacesuit involved. I wrote"The Mouse who Went to the Moon" in pencil and illustrated it in crayon. My Mom praised that story to the sky, and I was hooked.

Who introduced you to the world of books?

My mom. She took my sister and me to the Bookmobile when it came into our neighborhood. I loved that thing. I remember checking out Jane Eyre., among others, and reading all summer.

Your thoughts on conventional vs. self-publishing? What route did you choose and why?

I was trad published with Penguin Putnam-- even hit the NYTimes bestseller list four times -- until my publisher decided they didn’t want to publish paranormal anymore. (They later reversed that.) I tried self publishing, but I found the cost prohibitive. Good editing is not cheap. So I started publishing with Changeling Press, for which I am also an editor and cover artist.

What's the difference between 'general romance' and 'paranormal romance'?

Paranormal romance always involves magical or psychic elements and world building. General romance takes place in our universe, whether in the past or present. As a writer, it’s the pleasure of world building that I really enjoy — how would society or science be different in a world with magic? How would politics be different? I love that stuff. Paranormal also lets me comment on modern life in a way I couldn’t in general romance without seeming preachy.

Who inspired the character of Raven In your current book, “Raven’s Song”?

Raven first appeared in Arcane Island, a book about a guy who shares a magical link with a tiger and the witch he falls in love with. Dave and his heroine, Ariel, are competing on a magical reality show, and Raven is their teammate. Raven can work magic by singing, which lets her influence people’s emotion and behavior. She’s deeply afraid of the hero because she was attacked and almost killed by a guy with a magical tiger while shooting a music video decades before. She’s based on a cross between Madonna and Sarah McLachlan, and she’s a huge rock star. I knew her bodyguard saved her from the tiger all those years before. I loved the character, so I decided I would write her story. It’s set in 1994, when Raven is 30. Besides the tiger guy, she’s being stalked by her psychotic rock singer ex, who is violently jealous of her success.

Her bodyguard hero can also channel magic, but he can do it through martial arts. I’m finishing that book now. It should be out in October or so.

How does it feel to have published more than a quarter century of books?

It’s a bit mind blowing, actually. The ideas that I’ve written 57 novels and novels is pretty amazing. Especially since I was over 40 before I finished a book. I started a TON of them, I just didn’t finish them. From the time I was nine, I always had a book going. When I was a kid, it was usually about a horse. As an adult, it was always a romance.

What are some things you did to understand and perfect the craft of writing?

I read a TON of books on writing, and still do. I’m always looking for new strategies and techniques. I teach writing— that was a BIG one. When you teach a class, you have to take the writing process apart and really think about how you do this. It helps you understand what works and what doesn’t. I also critique other people’s writing, which helps me see what they do wrong and right. I suggest that every writer find a critique partner. You need other writers to talk to, in order to learn the process of writing. And it helps you feel less alone and weird. I may be the only writer in my South Carolina city right now.

Do you write books in chronological order, i.e. from start to finish?

Yeah. I simply can’t write out of order. I’m too ADHD. I’d get lost.

If you ever get writer’s block, where do you go to overcome it, or what activities help you overcome it?

I get writer’s block with every single book. I always, always get it with the climax, because I have to find a new and exciting way for the heroes to win. To overcome it, the best thing is to take my phone and walk for three miles or so, just recording whatever comes out of my mouth. I think the subconscious mind KNOWS what you need to do, but you have to get that knowledge to surface. The best way is to talk the plot out to yourself until you hear the solution come out of your mouth.

As a writer producing a work of fiction, do you tend to know the ending when you start, or do you find out as you write?

I plot my stories, but figuring out the details is sometimes very tough.

What should every aspiring writer know about writing?

Never start rewriting until you finish the first draft. When I was first starting out, I’d rewrite the first chapter to death until I got sick of the book. I killed thirty or forty books that way.

What kind of audience do you hope to appeal to with your books?

People who love wild, mind-blowing ideas and sexy, dangerous heroe with heroines who just don't back down.

When did you join AllAuthor and what are your opinions about the website so far?

I like the site a lot. I plan to take more advantage of it in the future.

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