The Poe Consequence
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The Poe Consequence

by Keith SteinbaumPublish: Mar 28, 2020Crime Fiction Thriller Supernatural Suspense



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Crime Fiction Thriller Suspense Mystery Supernatural Suspense

A tragic, life-changing event occurred in my mid teens that transformed me into a creative writer, and although I paid the bills through a long career in the landscape industry, in my heart I’ve always considered myself a creative writer first and foremost. It took years of piecing together reasons for occasional bouts of sadness and esteem issues to finally understand the fact that I needed to answer that calling and to do something about it. Writing THE POE CONSEQUENCE, a story originally inspired by the number of gang affiliated housing areas I worked at, was the therapy I needed that brought me back from an emotionally tough time. My second book, YOU SAY GOODBYE, originally inspired by a story in the obituary section about Alexandra Scott from the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, was the continuing byproduct of that renewed recognition of what I expect from myself.

I've completed the second draft of Book # 3 which I describe as a supernatural, international, time-traveling cemetery story. I hope to see its release sometime in late 2023 or early 2024.

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Book Awards and Achievements

  • Winner 2021 Book Excellence Awards for Fiction

    The Poe Consequence

  • Maincrest Media Book Award Winner

    The Poe Consequence

  • Kirkus Reviews The Best Books of 2015 year end issue

    The Poe Consequence

Book Detail
Title The Poe Consequence
Author Keith Steinbaum
Publish Date 28, Mar 2020
Publisher Black Opal Books
Language English
Page Count 313
Cover Design Matt Davies