Mooring at the Millrace
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Mooring at the Millrace

by Susan Rau StockerPublish: Feb 17, 2023
    • Susan M Stocker Susan M Stocker 9 days ago
    • I'm going to post things from the past. The first person to identify with 18 of them gets a free book mailed to them. You're on your honor. I believe this is safe with people of our generation. We grew up with integrity and authority, discipline and kindness drilled into us.
      #1: You remember what we used to catch fireflies. What did we put them in to watch their light turning on and off?
      Susan Rau Stocker -- Mooring at the Millrace
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Blessed with the best parents ever, raised in a small village in Pennsylvania - Durham, population 75 - loved and protected, I started life with every advantage. An NF on the Myers/Briggs, I see the world as grey and teeming with possibilities and hope. I'm impossibly trusting, intrigued by people and their stories, charmed by difference and uniqueness. My garden is my great joy, my family my grounding, writing my dearest pleasure, and therapy my calling. My faith, passed down from both sides of my family, is the rock on which I stand. If you walk by my house, you may hear me playing hymns on the piano. Bless you for reading "about" me. I'd love to read "about" you.

Book Detail
Title Mooring at the Millrace
Author Susan Rau Stocker, ,
Publish Date 17, Feb 2023
Language English
Page Count 325
Cover Design Cathy Biggs