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In the year 2019 beginning of September, I because a first time author and a best selling one on Amazon. This was a thrilling moment for me. I have been an award winning actress, producer, director and now I can claim Best Selling Author to the list!
When I first moved to the Big Island of Hawaii, time ticked away slowly. I was use to the fast pace of the mainland. My husband suggested that I keep my self busy by writing a book. Well, I had been told over a hundred plus times to write a book, but when my husband suggested it, something clicked.
I am thrilled to have found this wonderful site. It is very user friendly and they really take the authors interest at heart with all the available materials to help you self promote!
Mahalo for visiting my page! If I can help you in any way, please email me at kimberaleigh@mac.com

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Greta Gar Bitchby Kimber LeighBiographies & Memoirs
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KU'U ALOHA: FRAMES FROM THE BIG ISLANDby Kimber LeighPublish: Nov 30, 2020General Nonfiction

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Kimber Leigh Interview On 04, Feb 2021

"Kimber Leigh was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Kimber Leigh was born into challenges and adversity. Her book, Greta Gar Bitch brings more light into the world. With this book, she aims to help the reader feel the light and love energy being sent through the written word. Leigh is a superior story-teller. She prefers to read nonfiction."
Where were you born? How long have you been residing on the Big Island of Hawaii?

I was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. (living most of my adult life in Arizona) Almost four years ago I made my move to the Big Island of Hawaii. Moving diagonally from Pittsburgh to Hawaii (with a life stop in Arizona) makes me think I was always meant to make Hawaii my permanent home.

Do you prefer to read fiction or nonfiction?

I really prefer to read nonfiction. I love learning new ideas from others and new ways to approach life’s obstacles from some one else’s point of view. The non-fiction genre feeds my soul the most because it offers real life solutions to real life problems.

What books do you remember reading during your childhood?

We did not have a lot when we were growing up and reading was never encouraged in my household.

However, I do remember reading the series, Little Woman, written by Louise May Alcott. Now that you have asked me that question, I would really like to go back in order to read this series again. It would be interesting to see what kind of influence, if any, Louise’s stories had on my adult life. I also read the Highlight’s Magazine monthly as a child. There was a specific section in the magazine that highlighted the adventures of Goofus and Gallant. (the magazine’s main characters) Gallant always chose the right situation when it came to a cross roads in life and Goofus, well, the name itself tells you everything you need to know about his choices. Lastly in my childhood I remember reading a book on How to Become a Flight Attendant. (I accomplished that goal and spent 21 years as an active duty flight attendant)

At what age did you decide to become a model?

At the age of 19 I was modeling at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. I was a still photography model for artist’s that were drawing or learning photography. It was a short-lived career in my youth. When I was in my late 30’s I decided to model again. I loved creating the ability to tell a story with just one image. By accepting that challenge this taught me to have a great eye for detail. Everything in the image must be pristine so that the emotion can be felt without interruption of the eye being drawn to any error in the image.

Who is the most supportive person in your life when it comes to your writing?

The most supportive person in my writing career would be my husband. He is the one who first suggested that I write a book. (when others suggested the idea to me throughout my life) it made the most sense when my husband said it. After writing the first draft of my first book my mentor, Somers White, (a legend of professional speaking) was very helpful and has done so much to ensure my success. Mark Victor Hansen (who has sold over 500 million books) endorsed my first book, Greta GarBITCH, and is actively supportive in my work (as well as Somers White) in my writing and speaking career to this day!

How much did you research writing your book, Achieving Your Miracle?

I did very little research on this particular book because Achieving Your Miracle is a workbook that was designed for one on one mentoring. The workbook is a great tool that I use for workshops for groups of people, or if one decides on a personal level to log their progress, this workbook becomes user friendly for the reader. This workbook is the sister book to my first best selling book, Greta GarBITCH in which all the research was done. The research for that book was intense and was a daily practice for two years. Best time of my life was writing that book, Greta GarBITCH

Why did you decide to write the book, Greta GarBITCH?

Thank you for asking this question. Asking the question will help to accomplish the reason for wanting to write this book and sharing my very private experience. Sharing my experiences of living with severe dysfunction as a child along with dealing with sexual, physical and emotional abuse being raised by a drug addicted and alcoholic mother as a child. Those days were dark and uncertain. I used to cry out in mercy for God to save me, or to save my mother from her own demons. I prayed every moment for relief from the beatings, the emotional and verbal abuse, that were performed on a daily basis. On one particular night my mother woke me out of my sleep by beating me because she was so drunk. The beating was very severe. I did not think my little body was going to sustain and make it through another nightmare happening to me at the hands of my mother. I closed my eyes and with every intention I could muster, I called out for the final time for my heavenly father to save me. Suddenly, I found myself standing before the brightest light I had ever seen. This light energy was warm, loving and protective. This energy spoke to me. Not in words but in a way that my mind understood this energy was all knowing. I held onto this secret about the light my entire life. Then in late 2019, I decided it was time to reveal the experience I had with the light. The world needed to know that we have the ability to access this light, this energy, this one of kind love because we all possess the power to do so.

My intention for this book is this; when the reader opens the cover of this book the reader will feel the light and love energy being sent through the written word and the pages of the book. The reader will feel the light energy…. if they are open to receiving it.

Which option do you prefer, reading some books or watching movies adapted from them?

I love both options. However, to see a movie being played out on the big silver screen is fascinating for me. The characters bring the message in that book to life for the audience. That ability to see the movie on screen gives you the opportunity by participating visually of the actor’s journey of storytelling.

What is a piece of helpful advice for people who are interested in writing thei memoirs?

The advice I would offer is to write the story your self! Do not hire someone else to write it for you. They were not present in your life and are unable to fully express the experience with the emotions that you felt at that time. The other advice is do not glaze over the bad parts. The reader needs to feel the pain if there was pain, and the reader needs to feel the joy if there was great love and joy. You have to add many layers of meat on the bone of your story in order to connect the reader to your experience. You can describe the experience best, by reliving all of the written moments. What kind of day was it, how did you feel in that moment. Make your reader the voyeur of your life. When you do THAT you will have a best seller.

If you wrote a memoir right now, what would its last sentence be?

Such a thought- provoking question!

“I cannot wait to stand in the omnipresence of the light, God, the Universe, sharing what I have learned about giving/receiving love while being housed on the big, beautiful, blue planet that protected my body and soul for all those glorious moments during my life’s experience!”

How was your experience being at the Phoenix Comicon Film Festival?

The first time I attended the Phoenix Comicon Film Festival, was the most memorable film festival moment for me. I knew this particular festival would be a stepping- stone for my future success. I entered the short film, Vroom, into that festival. I never imagined the outcome on that unforgettable evening. I attended the festival viewing many films and meeting many talented filmmakers. I had dinner, watched movies and delighted in great conversations as I soaked up the experience for the first time. After filling myself up with this evenings events, it was time for me to go home. I did not stick around for the film award ceremony. I never imagined what would come next! Upon arriving home the phone rang about an hour later that evening. The voice on the other end saying, “Kimber, where are you?” I replied, “I am at home. Why?”

After a moments pause that voice said, “You won the best actress award at the Phoenix Comicon and we want to present you with your award.”

That was the most incredible moment to date. Entering the festival and having my film selected was enough to make my float on cloud nine. To find out that your work is ‘award winning’ was the ultimate unforgettable moment in my acting career! By the way that ‘voice’ turned out to be the voice of Todd Hutchings. (who was the festival’s director at that time) To this day we remain the greatest of friends!

What are the best topics on which a short film can be made?

The best topics in my opinion are topics on social current conditions that bring about social change and solutions producing a better outcome for all. There is enough unrest in today’s society already. To bring about awareness for a better condition and better solutions for each individual will bring a shift in energy. If you are going to create something, create something good. We are saturated in its opposite, don’t you think?

What was your reaction when you became the best selling author on Amazon?

My reaction was the very same as when I heard I was the award winning actress at the Phoenix Comicon Film Festival.

I remember waking up that morning and seeing the stats on Amazon’s site right before my eyes. I immediately called my publisher, Dr Brenda Combs telling her that the book went best selling! We laughed, we were in disbelief, and then we were in a state of awe for this one of a kind moment! The excitement is and will forever be for me, an accomplished feeling! Writing this book had so many challenges within it. To complete it and then to get it published was an accomplishment in itself. (my mind anyway) Adding any more delicious ingredients to the outcome was just the sweetest gift from the Universe! Another life changing moment!!!

What are some tips for someone who wants to become an actress?

My first tip is to find a very good mentor or a great support system of like-minded people who have the best intentions for your personal success. Set good boundaries for yourself. Don’t take just any role. Be selective! If you believe in yourself, the right roles will find you. Know that acting is not glamorous! It is hard work, long hours and taxing on your emotions and your family. (pays little to no income starting out) Lastly choose this art because it is an art. Leave the ego packed away in your earthly suitcase.

What encourages your to pursue your writing dreams?

LIFE! That is what encourages me to keep pursing my lifelong dreams! I have seen a lot in my lifetime. Gaining wisdom by making many, mistakes along with having surprising success is what I love to write about. I have learned through a lifetime of both success and failure! (though I certainly love the success more) I feel it is my responsibility to share what I have learned to pave the way for a smooth journey in life for another human being. I believe I have a few more books in me.

Stay tuned!

What originally attracted you to our website? If you were to review the website what score you give it out of 5?

Another great question!

When I first showed the cover of my book to my mentor, Somers White (who I mentioned above) he told me he thought my book cover Greta GarBITCH was good enough to win a book cover award. (I had never heard of a book cover award before his suggestion) With that being said, I began to Google websites that offered an award for a book cover. That is when I came across AllAuthor. In that same moment I set up a profile for my books and it was an instant love affair with AllAuthor. Your website has been very generous with promoting my books and I am grateful that I found it in the Google search engine on that particular day. I would rate your site 5 plus 5 plus 5 stars! This has been a wonderful interview!

If anyone reading this would like to reach out to me please feel free to do so at kimberaleigh@mac.com if you would like to know more about me, please go to my website https://kimberaleigh.com

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      • Kimber Leigh Kimber Leigh 5 months ago
      • I feel extremely accomplished and mostly blessed to have been able to be used as a vehicle through which the work is executed through.
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      • Kimber Leigh Kimber Leigh 2 years ago
      • Great question! I have switched genres just recently. I am in the process of releasing my new coffee table book called, KU'KU ALOHA. The book contains images of my photography work from living on the Big Island of Hawaii over the last 4 years. The book is unique in the fact that I have some delicious surprises for the reader. This book can be purchased as a housewarming gift or for anyone who has ever dreamed of visiting this island in particular.
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      • Kimber Leigh Kimber Leigh 2 years ago
      • The most important element of good writing is to allow the information to come through you rather than from you. Use the universal energies as your gifted knowledge as you allow the pen to be the vehicle to translate your expression.
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      • Kimber Leigh Kimber Leigh 2 years ago
      • Never! My destiny when I was younger was to become an actress or a flight attendant. I became both! I only became an author at my husbands suggestion after moving to the Big Island of Hawaii. Times moves slowly here and the only way to combat the boredom was to dig deep into writing. This was my first ever attempt. On the first day of release, we became best selling on Amazon and have remained off and on that list for a year now! I truly feel blessed by the book Gods!
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      • Kimber Leigh Kimber Leigh 2 years ago
      • My take is this...if you cannot grab someone's attention in the very first seconds that the eyeballs do a visual take on your cover's creativity, how will you every capture your readers attention on the goodies inside the book. Your job is to entertain your reader by taking them on a journey without ever leaving the comforts of their home.
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