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by Amaezing APublish: May 16, 2019
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complete series

New Adult Romance

Transparency isn't EZ.
If it were Everyone would do it.
For Me, life is simply too short for subterfuge.

Love and Loss isn't anything new but when its happening to YOU the devastation seems Monumental.
Here I share with you the culmination of ten years of Love and Loss...
From Hello, 2 How Nice, 2 How About it, 2 How do You Feel, 2 How do We do this, 2 How Happy are We, 2 How do We keep ending up Here, 2 HUH? 2 HELL NO!!! 2 How could You, 2 How will I mend?, 2 How did I ever doubt Myself...2 How Wonderful I am...

I share my descent into the grief pool; swimming, treading and floating through the 5 stages of grief...
finally spotting land & swimming safely back to the shore. So come on in, pull up a seat and lets start at the beginning.
Enjoy the ride.

Book Detail
Title Transparency
Author Amaezing A
Publish Date 16, May 2019
Language English
Page Count 52