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Cover of the Month Contest is conducted every month to help authors promote their books.
The primary purpose of this concept is quite simple.

We truly want the best covers to win!

We make this happen by providing equal grounds for all authors to participate and have a fair chance of winning the contest. We display random covers in no particular order for the readers to choose. This way, thousands of readers will vote for the covers they really like and the top 3 most voted covers will be chosen as the winners.

Apart from that, you can also invite your friends and readers to vote for your book covers through open voting.

Contest Month & Entries

Previous Contest

Category Total Entries Month Result
90 January Complete
119 February Complete
155 March Complete
182 April Complete
Mystery & Thriller
202 May Complete
112 June Running
282 July Upcoming

Entries by category

Category Total Entries Approved Contest Months Your Cover
332 207 February, August
298 110 April, October
298 130 March, September
Mystery & Thriller
275 70 May, November
148 26 June, December
95 0 January, July

The Contest Process

A voting system purely dedicated to choosing the most likeable covers.

  1. Open Voting: Live Voting
  2. Anonymous Voting: Live Voting

Open Voting:

In this system, authors can invite their friends and readers with a link to directly vote for their book covers.
Here, the name of the voters will be displayed.

Anonymous Voting:

This ingenious cover contest algorithm is something that’s never been tried before.

Instead of displaying all the covers together and asking the readers to vote, we’ve made the voting process completely random. This ensures that every single cover has an equal opportunity to compete: by creating a genre-based voting system.

How Does Anonymous Voting Happen?

  • When a visitor lands on the voting page, two covers will be displayed at random.
  • The visitor can choose one cover that looks the best. Or they can skip if none of the covers appeals to them.
  • Once the visitor makes a selection, they will be shown two more different covers to choose from.

And this process continues until the visitor has viewed all the covers. Visitors can choose as many covers as they want. The order of book covers displayed is independent of the person’s previous votes. And all the covers will be displayed an equal number of times*.

Guidelines to Participate

Pro-Authors can participate any number of times when authors with free membership can only submit one cover. So, if you have a basic account, please upgrade to Pro-Membership now to participate more.


  • The book must be available to purchase from Amazon.
  • Only books with English titles are permitted.
  • The book must be published after 2013.
  • The book cover must be the same one as on Amazon.
  • Authors can only submit those book covers for which the author has the sole copyright.
  • The author’s profile on AllAuthor must be completed and published.
  • You can submit the same book cover you have previously entered in the ‘Cover of the Month’ Contest after 6 months; provided it didn’t come under the top 3 winners.
  • You can submit the cover of a pre-order book once the Amazon buy link is available.

What Is Not Allowed?

  • The book covers cannot be entered as a box set. You can instead add the covers of single books.
  • The book covers cannot be entered as a 3D paperback style.
  • Although erotica books are allowed, pornographic, salacious, obscene covers are not allowed for participation.

Note: The respective book’s AllAuthor page will be displayed along with the covers for interested readers to check it out. So, make sure to include the Amazon buy link, sample chapters and synopsis of the book on your Book Profile.

Benefits of Participating in the Contest

We’ve designed the contest in such a way that every single cover gets an equal chance at winning the contest. Authors can also use this opportunity to get a genuine idea of what the readers think about their covers.

Apart from contesting, there are so many advantages of participating in the contest.

Free Publicity

The best of all the advantages is the immense free publicity for your book. Every month we get thousands of people voting for the covers. So, you get a chance to showcase your books in front of such a huge number of readers.

A Chance to Increase Your Followers

We include a single-click ‘Follow Author’ button directly on the page of your book. Therefore, interested readers can follow you on AllAuthor and get notified every time you post an update.

Opportunity for Direct Conversion

You will be including a synopsis of your book and a direct buy link to your book’s Amazon page. So, it’s a free ticket to get your book in front of thousands of people for free!

Exclusive badges for the Winners

Apart from all the free advantages, the winners get digital badges to flaunt everywhere!

Perks of Winning the Contest!

1st Winner

  • AllAuthor’s Pro-Membership worth $59 for free
  • The cover displayed proudly on our 'Cover of the Month' Winners page.
  • Digital badges to flaunt everywhere.
  • Free publicity through AllAuthor’s social media handles that includes 10,000+ followers.

2nd & 3rd Winners

  • Feature one of the author’s books on AllAuthor worth $24 for free.
  • The cover displayed proudly on our 'Cover of the Month' Winners page.
  • Digital badges to flaunt everywhere.
  • Free publicity through AllAuthor’s social media handles that includes 10,000+ followers.

The Most-Voted Cover from Each Category

  • Honourable mentions on AllAuthor.
  • Digital Badges to flaunt everywhere.

What Can You Do to Increase Your Chances of Winning?

  • Upload your book cover image with high resolution - make a lasting impression!
  • Have a good clarity book cover.
  • Focus on creativity in the design.
  • Present a unique version of the book cover.
  • Make sure that the fonts are legible.
  • Concentrate on how best the book cover design aligns with the book content.
  • Include the standard size of the book cover. The oversized or over-stretched cover will not be accepted, with the exception of children's books.

Please note that we’ll strictly monitor voting and if we found any questionable activities or discrepancies in the voting of certain covers, then those authors will be disqualified from the current as well as future cover contests. So, we advise you to refrain from restoring to unethical practices to acquire votes.