About Us

Books bring people together. Books can spark inspiration. Books can save lives.

Even the most unconventional books will seem enticing to the right group of readers. And the right book can transform its readers once and for all.

The entire idea of AllAuthor is based upon bringing authors and readers together on a simple, direct and interactive platform. We are firm believers that every book, no matter the genre or the book type, is of value to its right readers. We are committed to guiding our like-minded readers and authors to find each other through the magic world of books.

AllAuthor for Readers

Readers can browse among the thousands of books listed by the authors, save the favourite books to their profile, take a peek at the sample chapters and purchase books through their preferred online store. As a reader, you can visit the author profiles, interact with the authors on their timelines, ask questions and follow authors.

Readers can create, edit and save quotes, and customize their profile as they wish.

You can install our AllAuthor app on your smartphone and browse books on the go. Don’t miss out on checking out our eBook Deals section to find some amazing discounts and free ebooks from your favourite genre.

AllAuthor for Authors

After our interaction with many authors from all over the world, we found that book marketing seems to be one common challenge for many. Writing books is the author’s forte; but when it comes to promotions, many feel lost.

With that in mind, we have created a simple, self-help platform that any author can use to market their books with minimal time. With holistic services comprising various tools and packages at budget-friendly rates, we aim to make book marketing easy and effective for all authors.

Check out our Author Program and Featured Books to know more about our services.

Meet Our Founders

AllAuthor was founded in 2016 by two brothers, Naveen Joshi and Mady Joshi. The idea of AllAuthor began when Naveen worked with several authors wanting to create custom websites for their book promotions. Soon enough, with the constant feedback from the authors, the brothers grew this platform into a 300k reader and author community in just few years.