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I came very late to the writing world, in fact I started writing my book when I was 20, and finally completed and published at 72. I still cannot believe my good fortune.

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Full Circleby Daisy WoodPublish: Jan 31, 2020Historical Fiction

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Daisy Wood Interview On 29, Apr 2022

"Author of historical fiction titled Full Circle, Daisy Wood published his first book at the age of 72. She was born in London and lived there all her life. She has always been an avid reader. A great writer, Daisy for most of her life worked and studied at the local university. Her writing will make you believe in every line she writes."
Do you remember the first book you ever read? What was it about?

The first book that I really remember leaving an impression on me was ‘The Children of the Warren’ by Marjorie A Sindall. It was about a large house that housed many diverse families, where children lived, and the antics they got up too. It made me want to be one of them.

What made you want to start writing, not just reading?

Ah, I have always been an avid reader. I have said it many times before, but it is true. At work books went around our office like sweets at a children’s party. I was also very fortunate to work in such an environment where we all shared a great love of books, but the book that set me thinking, and prompted me to write my own story, was ‘Devil Water’ by Anya Seton. A Historical book that had such an impact on me, it stays with me still.

Once I had the idea for the story, I would stay in at lunchtimes, and after work, to type up what I had written the previous night. Then when I had finished a chapter, I would let the girls read it to get their feedback. In all, I completed 10 chapters before I stopped. Then, as they say life took a different turn, and my book was left. I thought about it many times throughout my life, and told myself that I would write it one day, but it wasn’t until I retired, and my Father passed away, that while going through a cupboard, I found my original manuscript in the same brown envelope, as I had left it all those years ago. My Mum had kept it. Hence the dedication to my parents at the front of the book.

When was the first time you read a book?

In all truth, I cannot remember, but my Mum would say I always loved reading. In my life I have read so many books, in a multitude of Genres, from Classics, to Romance, to Historical, Crime and Fantasy. Pluss many more factual also, but I always had a great love for anything historical. They were the books I enjoyed the most.

Have you always loved writing or was it something that developed during your later years?

Yes, I have always loved writing, even poetry, but they never amounted to anything, as my life was too busy with many things, so much that I couldn’t apply myself. I always had a vivid imagination, and at school was reprimanded for making my essays too long. My ideas just ran way with me.

What challenges did you face while publishing your debut novel, Full Circle?

When I first started on the Novel, I gave it a lot of thought. Being set in the past, I had to do a lot of research around the time that I wanted to set my Novel. I had read several books where they had been based in the West Country, and decided that that was where my Novel would be centred. It took me around two years of research, which I did while transcribing my original notes to my laptop. The story changed a great deal from the original, as I now had a wealth of information available to me via the Internet. I used the names of many people from that time, mainly Lawyers, also the gentleman I called Sir Henry Portman. The Portman of the time was a property developer, while mine a Major General in the Army. As you know, the main Characters came from Scotland, and I researched clans there, to find out what part of Scotland they hailed from. Also, it was a time of great turmoil, as the battle of Cullodon was only 40 years before. I was careful to not to write about something that I knew nothing about, so I just alluded to such times.

The other names that I used were nearly all of my ancestors. Even down to their characteristics. I based Spike and Mrs Cottle on my Maternal Grandparents.

That was only half the battle. I then faced the dilemma of publishing…. I must have read the whole story, going over and over, looking for any repeats or mistakes, around 12 times before I then sent it to a publisher, Austin Macauley. I waited around 6-8 weeks before I finally received a package back. I instantly thought that they had rejected it, and were giving me maybe a booklet to help me write better. You cannot imagine how I felt when I read that they would take a chance on me. Well, the rest is history. In all, it took around 4 years from Research/Writing/Publishing.

Then came the hard part. My Book was published at the start of the biggest lock-down in history. I couldn’t go anywhere to promote it. So, I had a ‘baptism by fire’ in Social Media. I knew nothing of the processes. Many people on that platform helped me a great deal. I believe I was very fortunate to have met them, and am extremely grateful for their guidance. Let us say, I am still learning.

A story that began when you were at the age of 20 was finally completed and published at 72. Why did it take you so many years to publish your first book?

Another life took over. I moved abroad, got married, then back to England, and had a family. I will say though, it would not have been the same story had I started earlier. It is because of the life experiences that I went through, which allowed, and gave me the depth of feeling for the characters that I produced. If you experience such things, then it gives you understanding and empathy, which comes through in the characters.

How do you manage writing amid a very busy extracurricular schedule?

I was very fortunate, as just having retired after 23 years working in the local University, I found myself at a loss as what to do with my time, and I also loved doing the research. Having previously found the manuscript, I decided to do something constructive with the time afforded me. Though I will admit, that had I been working still, then maybe it would never have been finished.

When writing a book, is it best to start at the end so you know where it's going as you write the rest?

No, I never did that. My story grew as I typed. In my head I had an idea as to where a certain storyline would take, but as I typed….it would veer off in a totally different direction, which enabled me to bring other characters in. I tell you in all honesty when I say, that I never knew the ending of the book, till I started to write the last chapter. It evolved as out of thin air. Had I sat down and thought about it…it would never have happened as it did.

Are a lot of your stories inspired by real-life experiences? Or do you like to make it all up in your head?

Yes, as I said before, when you go through certain traumas in your life, or in the lives of others, it changes you, and you are able to describe and see these emotions clearly. Certain aspects in the Novel are based on life experiences.

Who inspired the character of Alexander?

Ah, Alexander is a mixture of my Maternal Grandfather, and my Dad. They had so much patience, and were totally unselfish, and thankful for everything they received, no matter how small. They had both experienced life changing events, my Grandfather in losing his parents at a very young age, only to be taken in by his sister. My Father, also lost his Mother when very young, plus the experiences of war.

Do you have a mentor for writing?

No, I just write from my heart.

What do your friends say about your writing habit?

Nobody knew I was writing a book, I only told them when it had been published. So far, I have been lucky in that my friends and family have loved what I have written. They are also encouraging, asking when is the next one to be published, but I am only halfway through that.

Did you miss hanging out with friends during quarantine? How did you keep up with them?

Yes, I missed the regular meet ups with cousins, and the friends who I had known all my working life, but we managed to keep in touch by telephone. It’s not the same, but it was good to hear their voices.

What is one question you wish you would get asked more? What would be your answer?

Did you ever dream you would be a published author? My answer would be ‘Never in a million years!!’ and I still can’t believe it. I hold my book in my hands now, and say to myself – did I actually write this!

When did you join AllAuthor? How has your experience been?

I joined in March 2020. It was another author who lives in America that urged me to join. She has since become a close friend.

My experience, so far has been good. I have had many other authors follow me, as when you build up a following, that is when others get to know of you, and maybe read your book.

If I have learned one thing, it’s that you have to get yourself noticed, and AllAuthor Pro has done this for me. Thank you.

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