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George’s first book “Hired! Cut Your CAREER Search Time in Half “ was inspired by his career transition twice in 3 years. The midpoint of his first career transition, which took 13 months he was able to outline a “Day in the Life” that was an entire process that kept him focused, positive, and able to land his next role.
George was able to structure it so well that he believed if he knew what took him 7 months the first week while in career transition, the transition would have taken half the time. Little did he know that less than a year into his new role he would have to prove it and he did less than 5.5 months later.
Now he wants to help you.

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George C. Murray Interview On 18, May 2022

"George C. Murray was born in Bristol, CT, and raised in West Hartford CT. His first book “Hired! Cut Your CAREER Search Time in Half “ was inspired by his career transition twice in 3 years. he is a highly engaging speaker and advisor to business leaders. He is passionate about helping individuals and businesses become better."
Where did you grow up? Could you describe your childhood home to us?

I was born in Bristol, CT and raised in West Hartford CT. My three year old sister passed away when I was 6, and my parents divorced when I was 11. I didn’t realize it at the time but we were just a few steps above poverty and both parents worked two jobs to make ends meet.

How did your friends and family react when you’re first writing?

My friends were encouraging and my family was shocked but very supportive. They didn’t see me that way.

Do you remember the first book you read?

To Kill a Mockingbird; it’s like a rite of passage as you are going through middle school and my teacher Mr. Berard was a great instructor.

What is the most crucial component when writing a business book?

For me it’s first coming up with the topic or theme; then outlining the chapters. Once that framework is set for me then I go to work writing in each chapter a little at a time 13 months for my first book and 9 months for my second book to write.

What challenges did you face while publishing your first book?

Like my book HIRED, it was a learning as I go and network with publishers, authors and editors.

Which one do you prefer: writing a series or standalone novel? Why?

My book HIRED, and my new book due out in summer 2022: IGNITE-ENGAGE-RETAIN are stand alones but I can see creating a series out of my new book as it can be many facets.

How much effort do you put into researching for your book, “Hired! Cut Your CAREER Search Time in Half?

It was all my time during my two career transitions in less than three years as well as insight from over 2000 people I networked with in that time.

What is one question you wish interviewers would ask more? What would your answer be?

Why do you write-For me it’s two-fold to help others as well as the great Stephen Covey-Live-Learn-Leave a legacy; I want to be remembered after I leave this world. Two worst days in your life are first; when you pass; second is the last time your name is ever spoken.

What are some things you do to get the brain juices flowing when trying to brainstorm new book ideas?

I think of gaps; my first book was the gap from the time you leave your last job to your next; my second book IGINTE-ENGAGE-RETAIN is the gap in this “Great Resignation” and how leaders can engage a workforce and creating an environment they don’t want to leave.

If someone were to write a book about your life, what genre would it most likely be in: historical, romance, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery or horror?

My first book I started and never finished was more historical-I think I titled it “An Ordinary Man with Some Extraordinary Adventures."

If you could be an editor of a men's magazine what picture would you put on the cover?

A picture of my time in Bora Bora; the article would be something like how can we have more days like this. It was the most beautiful place I had seen and I have traveled all around the world. I took my wife for her 40th birthday and our 20th wedding anniversary.

What general technique do you follow when editing business books?

I sent it to my editor Connie Anderson who did my first and is currently working on my second. I like her no nonsense and push back approach-I am from New England so we like it direct.

Do you remember the first bad review you got and how you dealt with it? How do you deal with bad reviews now?

It crushed me; it may have been someone I knew in the past that we didn’t get along, It’s kind of like the first time your first kid tells you that they don’t love you (as they do to get back at you) after that it’s like “I am not going to make everyone happy” you get a little thicker skin.

What are you currently working on? May we know when we can expect a new book?

IGNITE-ENGAGE-RETAIN-how can business owners and leaders ignite a workforce; engage their teams (even in the hybrid sense), and retain their talent in this demand for talent world. Due out summer 2022

How has your experience of being associated with AllAuthor been?

Great, I love going to the main site and seeing my book scroll with the others, and all the benefits of being a premium member are worth it; especially as a new author with a limited marketing budget.

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