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Joylene Nowell Butler, Métis, is the award-winning author of the thriller Broken But Not Dead. Her fourth novel Kiss of the Assassin, a political thriller, was released March 2022.

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$5.99 kindleeBook, Paperback,
Kiss of the Assassinby Joylene Nowell ButlerPublish: Mar 23, 2022Crime Fiction Historical Mystery Thriller Suspense Mystery
$2.99 kindleeBook, Paperback, Audio,
Matowak: Woman Who Criesby Joylene Nowell ButlerPublish: Nov 01, 2016Crime Fiction Thriller Suspense Mystery Women's Fiction Literary Fiction more»
Maski: Broken But Not Dead
$2.99 kindleeBook,
Maski: Broken But Not Deadby Joylene Nowell ButlerPublish: Apr 18, 2017Thriller Suspense Mystery
Dead Witness
$4.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Dead Witnessby Joylene Nowell ButlerPublish: Jun 28, 2021Thriller Suspense Mystery

Joylene Nowell Butler's Awards and Achievements

    Joylene Nowell Butler has earned excellence awards over time. Here is the glimpse of the accolades clinched by the author.

  • IPPY Silver Medal

    Maski: Broken But Not Dead


Joylene Nowell Butler Interview On 01, Sep 2022

"An award-winning author, Joylene Nowell Butler began her first novel in 1984 to honor her father’s memory. She grew up on a farm in Maple Ridge B.C., Canada, a farm surrounded by maple trees. She has always felt extremely fulfilled while writing. Her first novel, Dead Witness became a finalist in the 2012 Global eBook Awards."
Where have you spent most of your childhood? Which is your fondest childhood memory?

I grew up on a farm in Maple Ridge B.C., Canada, a farm surrounded by maple trees. It was a wonderful place to be a child. My fondest memories were waking at midnight so my sister and brother and I could help our mum feed the newborn calfs in the stables. When my dad was away, Mum was too nervous to go to the barn in the dark, which was a fair distance from the house, so she’d wake us for company. We’d walk down the drive with our flashlights dancing across our path. Of course, we thought it was an adventure and loved how wonderful the calves smelled and how soft the fur on their faces felt. My favourite calf was Oscar. He smelled like baby pablum and he had the biggest brownest eyes. His eyelashes must have been 2 inches long.

As a child, what did you feel about writing?

Right from the beginning I felt extremely fulfilled while writing. I was given my first journal when I was eight, and I wrote in it everyday. By the time I was ten I was filling pages with important information about the games we played or the yummy desserts our mother made, or visits to grandma’s house, or how I made two homers in the baseball tournament on the weekend, and even my brother couldn’t deny how incredible it had been.

What is the most profound thing you've ever read in a children's book?

For a long time I wanted to be a detective and solve crimes like Nancy Drew. The thought of being a hero was very appealing. I also wanted to live in P.E.I., specifically Green Gables and have Anne as my best friend. Until I was older I worried I’d been born 100 years too late.

When writing a novel, how many main characters is too many for you?

If I lose track of who’s who, then I know I’m in trouble. The key is to made each character distinct and worthy of the space they take up in your story. That’s a big part of my job.

What are some of the best political thriller novels?

The Bourne novels are excellent examples of good writing. Anything by Lawrence Sanders: First Deadly Sin, Second… Third, etc.. John Katzenbach’s Traveler was so intense I was haunted by the story for weeks. Lee Burke is another one that always keeps me on the edge of my chair. There are so many.

“Matowak: Woman Who Cries" is such a unique title for a book. How did you come up with it?

The title came from a conversation in the story between Corporal Killian and Brendell Meshango. She tells him that the Elders gave Sally a nickname that fit her destiny. I had to look the meaning for a crying woman in my Cree Dictionary, and that’s where I first saw Matowak. It was fascinating to find a term to describe someone shrouded in sadness.

Who inspired the character of Mateo Arcusa, an American homicide lieutenant?

Mateo is a combination of characters from books and television. I began Kiss of the Assassin in 1991, so over the years he changed. First I saw him as a young Edward James Olmos, then I watched an episode of NYPD Blues and Esai Morales became my hero. Until I saw Benicio Del Toro in Traffic. I also have friends in Mexico who contributed to how I see Mateo.

What was your reaction after winning the IPPY Silver Medal for Broken But Not Dead in 2012?

I went through a range of emotions from - ecstatic - to worried they’d made a mistake - to probably everyone gets one. It was thrilling and something I’ll never forget. Today when a friend wins one of the IPPY awards, I know exactly how they feel and I live the excitement all over again.

What are some tips on writing a good political thriller?

First and foremost study your craft. Do your research. Write the best possible story you can. Be authentic and credible. But remember, readers who love thrillers thrive on the adrenaline rush. When you’re sure their hearts are pounding, give them a moment to catch their breath, but hike up the tension. Everything that could possible go wrong should. Before you decide your book is finished, do a breakdown of movies you wish you’d written. Study their 3-acts. Dissect them until you are sure you understand what made them so remarkable.

Did winning an award change your life?

It gave me confidence. Competition is fierce which further proves we must write the best book possible. At the same time: Stay true to yourself.

For aspiring writers, what are the best writing competitions to enter?

The list is constantly changing, so research is essential. I say that yet part of me who says “Enter them all." If the fee seems outrageous, check it out. Competitions can be scary, rewarding but an essential learning tool.

Do political thrillers make people more liberal or more conservative?

I don’t know. Haha. I’m Canadian so I had to look up the differences. Good thrillers can make us appreciate our mundane lives but also give us an outlet. When the characters are dynamic, we’re left with a new perspective. When the stories are exceptional, they may just make us stop and reconsider what’s really important in life.

How does one build a fan base for political thrillers?

I’m probably not the writer to ask. I used to believe if you write, they’ll buy. Haha, yes, I know, naive. It comes down to the story and the writing. If you write a good book, word of mouth will make the difference. A lot of new writers ask me, "But doesn’t sex sell?” That seems to be the case, but look at the classics. Leaving a long-lasting impression on your reader is immeasurable.

If you were writing a book about your life, what would the title be?

I may be too close to the subject. A few ideas: Finding my Happy Place, Never Give Up-Never Surrender, or maybe: Sad, Grateful, Happy.

You recently shared an amazon review for your book, "Kiss of the Assassin" using our Review GIF maker on Twiiter. Did you enjoy using our tools and services? What is your feedback?

I love the tools AllAuthor provides with their service. I’ve had lots of fun creating twitter twits and have received numerous compliments on the designs. I finally admitted the designs didn’t originate with me.

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Winter Light
(1) $2.99 kindleeBook, Paperback,
Winter Lightby Martha EngberPublish: Oct 06, 2020Teen & Young Adult
Joylene Nowell Butler Joylene Nowell Butler 1 year ago
This is a wonderful book! It's on my top 5 list of all-time favourites. This is the kind of type of story that changes you forever.

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