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Kirsten Hegberg Pursell

Kirsten Hegberg Pursell

Pursuing my passion for writing now that the nest is empty, the kids are grown and flown, and I can be whatever the next version of me is that I want!

Once upon a time in college I had a professor ask us to describe who we were. My answer was simple: I am me. People thought it strange that I didn't identify as student, athlete, daughter, psycho, confused, etc. To be honest, by the time I had gotten to college I had been through enough to know that the only thing I was ever going to truly be was me in all its iterations. Most days, I am happy as can be with the me I am. Meet me, you'll understand.

About me the writer: First and foremost, I love to write. I realize that love of writing does not a writer make. While I have written a screenplay, several books, and dabbled in blogging as the mood strikes, I have gone the safe route and self-published my books because most of us would say we write for ourselves not for the potential fame, glory, and windfall of cash that a lucrative publishing deal or Hollywood rights might provide. But I have been getting strong feedback beyond my tried-and-true following of readers making me realize my writing should be shared with a broader audience than my limited social media following. (I believe we can't take ourselves too seriously and having the ability to poke fun at ourselves is paramount to survival!)

While the bulk of my actual career was spent doing consumer related marketing, I have, however, spent the last couple of decades managing and carefully crafting the successful launch of my three now grown and flown children into the world. Yes, I left corporate America for the much less glamorous world of childrearing. My expertise broadened to include logistics, multi-tasking, coaching, encouraging, strategizing across multiple spectrums and personalities, while all the while encouraging them to be their own people. Mission accomplished. Now what? Reinvent myself or just dig deep into what I love to do? Or quite possibly some combination? That is the objective! No more excuses for not putting my works out there.

All my writing has strong female characters. My screenplay, Allegiance, is about a woman determined to find her former lover in war-torn Sarajevo. It is a love story between woman, man, and country.

The three novels I have written have varied strongly in theme. My first novel, Harvard, is a contemporary romance told in alternating narrative: her voice and his voice. (There is some irony to Harvard in that my daughter will graduate from there in 2022, over ten years after I initially wrote the book!) The second novel, Company Clown: The rise and fall of a corporate icon, is a contemporary fiction book taking a not so glamourous, tongue-in-cheek look at the world of advertising (Some of the characters inspired by real-life people I met working in the industry). And my most recent novel is my memoir entitled On Becoming Me: Memoir of an 80’s Teenager. It is not how I remember those times but my words as I wrote them in journals, diaries, poetry, and letters. (Think Go Ask Alice but with current reflective narrative mixed in.) I was a competitive athlete who endured injuries that forced me to quit at sixteen. I had no idea who I was without the sport that defined me and the struggle to find my place very real and relatable on so many levels today. The underlying themes of teenage angst, joys, fears, discoveries, heartache, and growth transcend time. Plus, it was the 80's, undeniably one of the most iconic decades ever.

I am a happy, upbeat, glass half-full kind of person. I think age is just a number and will not go down without a fight. I love to tell stories and believe mine are different enough to set them apart in a cluttered world of storytellers. I am the kind of person you take a chance on because I work my ass off to deliver the best product with memorable characters and storylines (the handful of reviews on Amazon will tell you as much!).

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(1) (1) $2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook, Paperback, Signed Paperback,
On Becoming Me: Memoir of an 80's Teenagerby Kirsten PursellPublish: Oct 11, 2021Biographies & Memoirs
(6) Paperback, Signed Paperback,
Long Enough to Love Youby Kirsten PursellPublish: Jan 01, 2023Contemporary Romance Women's Fiction
Battle of the Canvas: A Collection of Poems
$2.99 kindleeBook,
Battle of the Canvas: A Collection of Poemsby Kirsten PursellPublish: Apr 12, 2023
(1) (1) $2.99 kindle Free with KUeBook, Paperback, Signed Paperback,
Harvardby Kirsten PursellPublish: Oct 10, 2012Contemporary Romance
Company Clown: The rise and fall of a corporate icon
(1) $1.99 kindle Free with KUeBook, Paperback, Signed Paperback,
Company Clown: The rise and fall of a corporate iconby Kirsten PursellPublish: Mar 18, 2015Humor

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    On Becoming Me: Memoir of an 80's Teenager

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    On Becoming Me: Memoir of an 80's Teenager


Kirsten Hegberg Pursell Interview On 30, May 2022

"Author, blogger, and athlete, Kirsten Hegberg Pursell is happily pursuing her passion for writing. She grew up in Oceanside, California. She has published three novels with varied strongly in themes. She loves to run and has recently returned to her roots of swimming."
Where have you spent most of your chidlhood?

I grew up in Oceanside, California. I spent summers in Germany, though, as my mom is from there. I feel lucky to have grown up with an international perspective. But ironically, I would come back to Oceanside after college and beginning my career. My three kids graduated from the same high school I did!

What's the most important lesson you learned in school?

The most important lesson I learned in school is to be true to yourself. That is not an easy thing to do.

Were your family ever skeptical of your dreams of writing? Who has been your greatest supporter?

Writing was always something I just did for fun so I don’t think anyone really thought I would publish books. No one doubted me though. And my dad, by far, has been my greatest supporter. At 90 years old, he beams about the things I write (rose-colored glass, perhaps!).

What developed your passion for writing?

It has always been something I have gravitated towards. I love to tell stories. I do remember, though, a friend’s mom in second grade reading a story I had written about an elephant and her reaction to my words struck me. She couldn’t believe a seven-year-old could write like that.

What was your reaction when your debut novel was published?

I was so excited to hold my first copy in my hand. You go through the process of writing and editing, but actually holding the physical copy is the coolest feeling of accomplishment.

What inspired the story of the novel, Harvard?

Harvard was inspired by a drive down Big Bear Mountain. After a family trip, this idea popped into my head about a woman who reluctantly heads back to her childhood home on a mountain. By the time we got to the bottom of the mountain, I knew how it began and ended, and that it would be a love story with a main character being a woman nick-named Harvard. In a strange twist of fate, my daughter would attend Harvard ten years after I wrote the book. She just graduated.

What is the most ideal ambience for you to write in?

I love to write in my office. I have a great view out my window. I am easily distracted, though!

What do you like to do to relax?

I am an avid athlete. I love to run and have recently returned to my roots of swimming. Clears my head and rejuvenates me.

Who inspired the character of Jack Carp in "Company Clown"?

In my corporate days, I worked for a major fast-food chain. One of the actors on a commercial shoot was telling a story about being a hand model. That there are such things as hand models was pretty funny, but I thought it would make for an interesting character. I actually had wanted to write a screenplay of Company Clown but had so much fun writing this as a book instead.

What challenges did you face while writing your memoir, On Becoming Me: Memoir of an 80's Teenager?

Writing my memoir was truly a labor of love. It was the easiest book to write because it was literally lifting my words from my diaries, journals, and poetry while incorporating the letters as well. Editing it for flow while integrating my present-day narrative were sometimes challenging. I think, though, the biggest challenge is feeling you have this inspiring story to tell and second-guessing yourself as to why your story is the one people should read!

Do you encounter writer's block often? If so, which book of yours did you get stuck on the most and what are some things you did to get your brain working again?

I think I suffer from the opposite! My brain never stops thinking and then I become overwhelmed with all the things I want to say. I am constantly sending myself emails with things I want to write. If I do get stuck, I walk away. Inevitably, something will trigger how I want to write about something. That has been happening a lot with the book I am writing now.

What is your take on the importance of a good cover and title? Have you ever designed any book cover?

I love a good book cover. I think you need a catchy title. But that’s so subjective. As the author, you obviously believe you came up with a catchy title and compelling cover. And to be honest, I have designed all three of my covers.

Who was the first reader that reached out to you? What did they say and how did you respond?

I would be lying if I didn’t say my friends! But, with On Becoming Me, I had someone reach out to me on social media telling me they were browsing for books on the 80’s and stumbled across my book. She bought it and said she couldn’t put it down because the story resonated with her on many levels. I think for a lot of us from that time period the book serves as a time to reflect on our own experiences growing up. The fact that it can be cathartic for so many people has been the nicest compliment.

Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with your readers about?

I am hard at work on my next book, Long Enough to Love You. I have had the concept for this book for a long time. In a nutshell, I would describe it as a middle-age coming of age story that begs the question are we ever too old for love and second chances in life? I think of it as a fictious sequel to my memoir.

When did you first join AllAuthor and how did you learn of it? What do you think of the experience so far?

I joined AllAuthor at the start of this year when a book reviewer reached out to me and mentioned the site. All the different author resources can be so overwhelming, but I have loved being on AllAuthor. I enjoy the weekly mockups and book tweets. It’s a great platform to feature my books as well as provide information about me as an author.

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    • AllAuthor AllAuthor 1 year ago
    • Have you ever incorporated something that happened to you in real life into your novels?
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      • Kirsten Hegberg Pursell Kirsten Hegberg Pursell 1 year ago
      • Absolutely. On Becoming Me was MY LIFE in those teenage years. And, honestly, I think life provides us with the best material because sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. Jack and Dick, from Company Clown, were modelled off of two people I worked with in the industry. And I'm working on a novel now where the lines between real life and the story sometimes get confusing in my mind!
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    • AllAuthor AllAuthor 1 year ago
    • Writing can be an emotionally draining and stressful pursuit. Any tips for aspiring writers?
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      • Kirsten Hegberg Pursell Kirsten Hegberg Pursell 1 year ago
      • I love the emotion of writing and the ability to live vicariously through characters I create. Reliving the words from teenage years was cathartic, but also emotionally draining in both good and painful ways. Live in those moments. We're lucky we have emotions and can put them to paper.
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