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VAL AGNEW grew up in New England where she spent a year living in an evangelical school with strong cultish tendencies. When she got the courage to break free from their teachings, she packed a U-Haul and followed the warm weather to San Diego. There, she worked in the communications field and met her husband. They have one amazing nature-loving daughter.

Her travel essays have appeared in the San Diego Union Tribune and her poetry has been published in Tidepools: A Journal of Ideas at MiraCosta College. She is active with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization with a focus on mentoring girls in military families. Her passion is haunting local and distant cemeteries in search of angel statues.

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Lost in The Ark
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Lost in The Arkby Val AgnewPublish: Feb 08, 2022Teen & Young Adult

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  • Finalist - American Fiction Awards

    Lost in The Ark


Val Agnew Interview On 18, Oct 2022

"Val Agnew grew up in New England where she loved to walk through the historical areas and imagine what life was like back in the 17th century. She spent several years writing her first book, Lost in The Ark. Her experience as a company’s newsletter provided her a great starting place for writing her blog. Her passion is haunting local and distant cemeteries in search of angel statues."
Growing up in New England, which is your most cherished childhood memory?

I lived very close to Salem, Massachusetts. As a child, I remember loving to walk through the historical areas and imagine what life was like back in the 17th century. But I also felt horrible about what happened to women accused of witchcraft.

Do you share your stories with your daughter?

We recently traveled to Salem to attend a funeral, and I was able to show my daughter the houses I grew up in, the schools I attended, and I shared stories with her all along the way.

How did your friends and family react to your first book?

I spent several years writing Lost in The Ark and my friends and family supported me during that process. The positive feedback I received from them when I published it was the best gift ever.

How has your experience working in the communications field been?

I was the editor for my company’s newsletter and that provided a great starting place for writing my blog and then writing my novel. Editing is a great tool for preparing oneself for becoming an author.

What do reading, writing, and literature, in general, mean to you?

Reading, writing, and literature take you places and teach you so much that I can’t imagine life without them.

What challenges did you face while publishing your debut novel, Lost in The Ark?

The traditional publishing route of finding an agent to represent my novel was very frustrating. I spent almost three years querying agents. After submitting to 150 of them without success, I decided to try independent publishing and have had no regrets.

Who inspired the character of Kate Bennett in Lost in The Ark?

Kate Bennett is loosely based on my life at a religious cult many years ago. I had no trouble taking Kate into current times as the issues I experienced then are unfortunately still issues today.

What are some of the most profound "shower thoughts" you've had?

My profound thoughts happen not in the shower, but just as I fall asleep. I keep a notepad by my bed and write them as they come. They vary from simple word choices to a major character flaw. Then I dream about the scene for extra fun.

What are the points one should keep in mind while writing women's fiction?

I write the way I enjoy reading: a novel that is fast paced with well-developed characters. But the key is to keep your reader rooting for the protagonist.

What was your favorite part, and your least favorite part, of the publishing journey?

Rejection is the least favorite part. However, I didn’t let that deter me. I knew I had a great story to share and I researched the best way for me to make that happen.

What developed your passion for haunting local and distant cemeteries?

I was on a vacation in Norway and saw a man in a cemetery taking photos. I approached him and asked him why he was doing this. He explained that cemeteries tell a lot about a place and the history of those who lived there. A switched turned on that day and I cannot pass a cemetery now without stopping to explore. A special bonus is when a cemetery has an angel statue.

What sources do you use for research purposes while writing travel essays?

My travel essays are based on my personal travel experiences. I do like to wander off the beaten path and talk to locals wherever I go.

What are some hidden gems that you found in a book club?

I have been in a book club for over twenty years and have read some wonderful hidden gems. My top two would be The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova and Swamplandia! by Karen Russell.

Which is the next book you are working on? When is it due for release?

It will be about a young woman who travels to Milan to learn Italian. As she strolls through the city, she finds the famous Monumental Cemetery. There she finds a statue of a woman that looks exactly like her but is over one hundred years old. This book is in the very early stages and will not be ready for another year or more.

What originally attracted you to our website? If you were to review the website what score would you give it out of 5?

I first heard about AllAuthor because of the Book Cover contest. As I explored the website further, I found that it offered new authors a lot of tools with very little financial investment. I particularly love the AllAuthor mock up tweets. I would rate it a 5.

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