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Joshua Griffith

Joshua Griffith is a Native American Cherokee who loves to tell stories about the paranormal and the supernatural, but adds a twist of humor to alleviate some of the inherent drama and suspense that can make the characters seem more relatable. He grew up in eastern part of Oklahoma, witnessing many strange and wondrous things that went bump in the night. Joshua Griffith currently resides in the Pacific Northwest. As part of his path as an energy healer, Joshua Griffith felt it would be good idea to incorporate some of his experiences in his novels. As they say, there's always a hint of truth even in a good work of fiction so it's up to you to decide which is truth and which is hot air. Joshua Griffith invites you to read his stories with an open mind because these tales are works of fiction, but ask yourself this: Could this really happen?

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Enter The Dampire The Xander Bane Chronicles Book One
$0.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
Enter The Dampire The Xander Bane Chronicles Book Oneby Joshua GriffithPublish: Aug 01, 2020Series: The Xander Bane ChroniclesThriller Supernatural Suspense Paranormal Romance Fantasy Horror
The Reset: Book One of the Reset Series
$0.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
The Reset: Book One of the Reset Seriesby Joshua GriffithPublish: Oct 31, 2020Series: The Reset Series
A Ghostly Affair
$0.99 kindle Free with KUeBook,
A Ghostly Affairby Joshua GriffithParanormal Romance
In a World of Darkness
$0.99 kindle Free with KUeBook, Audio,
In a World of Darknessby Joshua GriffithSeries: Yonuh TrilogyParanormal Romance

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  • The Xander Bane Chronicles

    1 Enter The Dampire The Xander Bane Chronicles Book One - Published on Aug, 2020
  • The Reset Series

    1 The Reset: Book One of the Reset Series - Published on Oct, 2020
  • Yonuh Trilogy

    1 In a World of Darkness - Published on Nov, -0001

Joshua Griffith Interview On 23, May 2022

"A Native American Cherokee, Joshua Griffith grew up in the Midwest on ten acres of land in Oklahoma. He is a lover of horror and all things supernatural and paranormal. He enjoys going to the local parks for some nature therapy, interacting with the birds and playing with them."
Have you always been a big reader? Where did you grow up and what was the scene like in your household, regarding reading and writing?

I didn’t read much growing up, with the exception of comic books. I grew up in the Midwest on ten acres of land in Oklahoma. It was pretty isolated so reading, watching movies, or going fishing was the extent of my entertainment. I made a few attempts at writing, but the stories were no more than two and a half pages long.

Why do you think there is such a power in words and literature? When did you first discover this power?

Unlike movies, literature can transport you to other realms of endless possibilities in your mind. Stories have the power to stimulate thinking, have a profound meaning which can resonate with certain readers. Literature can create lasting memories and elicit strong emotional impacts without even trying. You never know how a story can help others. For example, I have a fan say that she was feeling pretty low and her life was stressful at the time. She read The Decaying Destiny of Bobby the Zombie, shortly after it came out, and read it in one sitting. She told me that it brightened her mood and gave her the escape that she desperately needed at the time. An author never knows how their stories will be received, but when it helps someone crawl out of stressful, depressing situation or saves someone’s life, it can be more rewarding than all the money in the world.

What was the impacting force that made you sit down and start writing your first story?

I was working the night shift, watching over people with mental illness so to pass the long nights, I would read various authors, usually paranormal romance like Kersley Cole or Kim Harrison. I felt the need to create my own stories so I would write during the downtime and before I knew it, I had written four novels in less than a year. With twenty years experience in mental health, I’ve seen a lot of heartache and trauma to add to the fuel of my novels.

What were your aims in terms of a career before starting your writing journey?

I want to tale stories because I’m Cherokee and storytelling is something that we are known for. I decided to write about what I knew a lot about, which was any and all things paranormal or supernatural. I’m a energy healer/worker which can have all sorts of unseen, otherworldly entities coming to my doors, either wanting help or to cause harm.

What do you love most about writing fantasy?

I can create new worlds for people to explore and give them their own personal rollercoaster ride of turmoil and drama that, hopefully, will keep the readers entertained with the simple message: no matter how dark and terrible things are in one’s life, there’s always a light at the end to show that all things pass and ultimately, come out stronger than before.

Even though writing supernatural stories is a lot of imagination, what are some strict rules you adhere to so as to keep your tales somewhat "realistic"?

The best thing to do is weave in grains of truths in the stories that can make it more relatable. If a character doesn’t have adversity to go through, then what’s the point of writing? As I said, I know a lot about the supernatural so I put what knowledge that I’ve learned over the years and it helps make the stories come to life. I like putting little kernels of knowledge of how to properly hinder a demon or how to handle a malevolent spirit. I put in my author page that these are works of fiction, but I leave it to the readers to decide if something like The Reset could actually happen.

How did you get the idea for "A Ghostly Affair"? Was your character Daniel Powell inspired by real people?

My fiancée came up with it. She wanted to have story about a witch that has a ghost fall in love with her. I added my own twists to it. Daniel Powell is loosely based off of a ghost that I came across. He was a strict Christian but after he died, Daniel discovered that there’s more to life after death than he ever realized. I helped him to move on into light so he could be with his loved ones. Most ghosts want to be acknowledged and have their story heard. Can you imagine being a ghost that no one can see or hear for several centuries? It’s a lonely, maddening way to exist.

What inspired the plot of your novel, In a World of Darkness? In what ways did you try and lift this book up and make it different from other books of its genre?

I was playing around online and came across an article about a fungus that zombifies and takes control of ants and forces the host to do it’s bidding, which is to get into the colony to reproduce. I used it as the basis of an apocalyptic catalyst by having a research corporation trying to manipulate the fungi’s DNA to create a better lawn care product that would rid homeowners of ants and other pests. All I need is a small nugget of information and then I go wild with it.

While it is a fantasy novel, what sort of real life research went into the making of "The Reset"?

The Reset is based off the fact that there’s been numerous civilizations throughout the ages that were lost to time, but no one knows what occurred to destroy them. Watching many documentaries about these lost civilizations, I noticed that archeologists would say that they have no idea or knowledge of their existence prior to their discovery. What led to their downfall and what were the people like? The Reset is an apocalyptic event that occurs when the delicate balance between nature and technology is skewed towards technology and the people are disconnected from nature. The Reset literally wipes a civilization of the face of the Earth and no one knows that it happened. Unlike other Resets, the one happening in this series is on a global scale, where none will be spared for our own hubris.

What will the next book in The Reset series be called and what kind of changes should your readers expect?

The next book will be called Hunger and Bones. The readers will learn more about Red Jayne and how she handles the world that is filled with people who want to die with a blissful smile or end up going feral, killing and inflicting pain and suffering on anyone that they find. I’ll be adding more to Meg’s story, stuff that I purposely left out so I could utilize it in other books so that each Reset novel can be read as a standalone. The Reset series is a supernatural horror paranormal romance mix where humans that have supernatural gifts are immune to the effects of the Reset, but have to endure the trauma and bloodshed to bring the world back into balance. Who will be Red Jayne’s mate be? Readers will discover that soon enough.

What has been the most rewarding experience of being an author so far?

Telling stories. I love using my cumulative knowledge about the supernatural, coupled with twenty years in the mental health field, to give the readers stories that will touch them in some form.

Which is your favorite place to visit in the Pacific Northwest?

That’s a toss up between Silver falls and Sauvie Island. Silver falls is a large park with plenty of old trees, an abundance of wildlife, and has several hiking trails that leads to at least ten different waterfalls. Sauvie island has several beaches, but I prefer Collins Beach because it’s a clothing optional beach and swim in the Columbia river. Need I say any more?

What is your favorite way to escape from the present and relax (besides reading or writing)?

Going to the local parks for some nature therapy, interact with my birds and play with them when I can. or play some of my consoles. If I don’t feel up to either of those, I just cuddle with my fiancée on the couch and watch movies

What are you currently working on? How long have you been a member of AllAuthor? Could you share a little about your experience with us?

I’m currently finishing an anthology called Terror in the Night that has original stories and ones that are from the different novels that I’ve written so far, such as The Reset, The Xander Bane Chronicles, and the Yonuh Trilogy. I’ve also been working on a horror comedy that’s a Christmas story called Satan’s Coming to Town and Hunger and Bones Book Three of the Reset series. seem to have a new story coming whether I want it or not. I believe that I’ve been a part of AllAuthor for several years now. I like to utilize the different seasonal banners for my novels, especially new ones that haven’t been released yet. AllAuthor is a good platform to get the word out and meet other readers and authors.

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