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  • Neil Hartley
    Neil Hartley

    I do believe AA has been working for me, yes. So quite pleased with that. It's an ongoing process, this marketing malarkey, and I've only really started concentrating on it this past year.

  • Ross Hightower
    Ross Hightower

    I’ve found the scheduled tweets at AllAuthor helpful, and I love the mockup banners. Like so much of the marketing experience, AllAuthor has a lot more to offer.

  • Sandy McKee
    Sandy McKee

    I’m really happy with the services at AllAuthor and would highly recommend this platform to other authors. The weekly mockups alone are worth the membership! The Cover of the Month contest is fun, the Quotes are inspiring, and the Tools are fantastic and easy to use. As a reader, I often use AllAuthor to find my next binge-reading mystery series. The Book Directory is well-organized and informative (without unnecessary clutter). As a newly-published author, I feel welcomed and supported by the community and services at AllAuthor. I appreciate all you do.

  • Donald P Johnston
    Donald P Johnston

    My experience with AllAuthor has been good. Since joining, I’ve had increased sales and reviews. In addition, the author interview helped me organize my profile.

  • Charlayne Elizabeth Denney
    Charlayne Elizabeth Denney

    I’ve had the automatic Twitter feed and it is good. The thing I really like, though, is the magic tool. I’ve been able to do some incredible things with the covers and it was also easy to change the covers to the new ones I upgraded this fall. I totally recommend the services.

  • Anne Penn
    Anne Penn

    I would say it has been an easy relationship. You do some professional ads for me and your site is easy to use as well as affordable. I like it. Thank you.

  • Lara Gelya
    Lara Gelya

    Promotion of my book takes a lot of time and it is not necessarily my favorite activity. Thanks to AllAuthor, they can take a weight off my shoulders! And yes, I would recommend AllAuthor to my author friends.

  • Brooke Gillespie-Trout
    Brooke Gillespie-Trout

    AllAuthor has been great! The site is a platform to connect with other authors. I love the monthly book cover contest, and the tools on the site are wonderful for graphics. I used the free version for a while and a few months ago, I upgraded to the Pro-membership. It was definitely worth it!

  • Peter Servidio
    Peter Servidio

    I have loved working with AllAuthor and have recommended the platform to my friends and fellow writers. It has also become one of the sites I try and drive my followers to, as there are so many great people (writers and readers) you can connect with.

  • Val Agnew
    Val Agnew

    As I explored the website further, I found that it offered new authors a lot of tools with very little financial investment. I particularly love the AllAuthor mock up tweets. I would rate it a 5.

  • Shakera Munnings
    Shakera Munnings

    Very professional and delivers exceptional promos.

  • Isabella Thorne
    Isabella Thorne

    I love how you use a cover contest to draw attention to the books. I’ve also enjoyed receiving the promo graphics. It is frustrating trying to find reputable places to advertise and get the word out about indie published books. Services like AllAuthor provide just the opportunities Indie Authors need to help them with their promotions.

  • Eddie J. Morales
    Eddie J. Morales

    My thoughts so far are that the site is excellent! I have connected with other authors, especially the horror ones. Also, the many tools are superb, mainly the magic tool, the weekly book mockup banners, and many others.

  • Faith Rose
    Faith Rose

    It’s been encouraging to see how AllAuthor promotes new authors by helping authors create visibility and success. The site itself is easy to navigate for both readers and authors and has several easy to use tools to help authors promote their work.

  • Cynthia Kern OBrien
    Cynthia Kern OBrien

    The AllAuthor team has been easy to work with, which I am grateful for. When starting out it takes time to find your way, having someone there to help you along is priceless.

  • Lisa Parsons
    Lisa Parsons

    My favorite thing about it is the easy way to create book teasers and gif makers for reviews. The ease of creating visual images and words for posts cuts down on my design time.

  • Josh Jackson
    Josh Jackson

    It’s been very nice to be able to connect with and support other independent authors. I feel very welcome and seen here.

  • Dennis J. Murphy
    Dennis J. Murphy

    I think your site is terrific, and have recommended it to my writer's group and others interested in marketing their books.

  • Marilyn Freeman
    Marilyn Freeman

    I joined AllAuthor just about ten months ago and have been impressed with the range of marketing resources it has provided.

  • Sonja B - Author
    Sonja B - Author

    I think it's a good marketing strategy. Promoting on social media gives you a wider range to get your books out there. AllAuthor has been very helpful with promoting. I've gained new readers from using their services and I have recommended it to fellow authors.

  • Reese Knightley
    Reese Knightley

    I love AllAuthor and I see myself using the site throughout my writing career.

  • Pat Simmons
    Pat Simmons

    I encourage my author friends to join. The book features and the tweets alone are priceless.

  • Suzsi Mandeville
    Suzsi Mandeville

    AllAuthor has been my #1 helpful website. I'd recommend it to anyone who is serious about writing and marketing their book.

  • Mary Ellen Ciganovich
    Mary Ellen Ciganovich

    Your tweets, banners of my books and all the other graphics are very much worth what anyone pays to join. I highly recommend it to any and all Authors.

  • S. R. Leinbeck
    S. R. Leinbeck

    I love the exposure I have to other authors. I have read so many books I never would have known about if it wasn’t for AllAuthor. I also love the marketing aspect of it. Being able to send out new release updates and twitter posts is very convenient and helpful. I also enjoy the cover of the month contests.

  • Marie Sontag
    Marie Sontag

    They interact with their authors, and offer experiences such as this interview, and book cover mock-ups to help writers make their books known.

  • Jean Cooper Moran
    Jean Cooper Moran

    It’s important to a first-time author to find support in writers’ groups, web networks and the like. What AllAuthors offers is a chance to get to know an international community, learn from their example and feel supported by an organisation with a lot of helpful ideas.

  • J.D. Ruffin
    J.D. Ruffin

    I think. AllAuthor is a great resource. The MagicTool is fun. Honestly, that’s the thing that made me join. I needed a tool like that. I’ve since learned about the other arrows in the quiver and am happy I joined.

  • Z. Peabody
    Z. Peabody

    All the tools that are available on the AllAuthor website are very valuable to the promoting and marketing of my brand.

  • Tony Garritano
    Tony Garritano

    I really love the service. I feel like I am a part of a writing community.

  • Patricia Reynolds
    Patricia Reynolds

    Promoting a book is so different from writing that it feels like a whole other job. Very difficult. I really like AllAuthor and I would highly recommend using them.

  • Gale Stanley
    Gale Stanley

    I was looking for an easier way to increase visibility. AllAuthor was mentioned in a newsletter and I decided to check it out. I love the time-saving features that allow me to spend more time writing.

  • Joylene Nowell Butler
    Joylene Nowell Butler

    I love the tools AllAuthor provides with their service. I’ve had lots of fun creating twitter twits and have received numerous compliments on the designs.

  • Shannon Lee Boote
    Shannon Lee Boote

    I get a lot of engagement from the mock-ups and it gives me a little traction whenever one posts. I am hopeful as I self-publish more it will help turn those engagements into readers sharing in my stories.

  • Carol Kravetz
    Carol Kravetz

    AllAuthor does a remarkable job of promoting authors and helping them get their work “out there”.

  • Christian Meyers
    Christian Meyers

    It’s been a good one. It’s very helpful to have a platform willing to constantly promote my book to the thousands of followers that they have. There aren’t many websites that also show the number of people who view my profile, and that’s also a very helpful feature.

  • V.B. Emanuele
    V.B. Emanuele

    I think it’s a great database. A lot of people have found me this way and I’ve found some others!

  • Julie Hawkins
    Julie Hawkins

    My experience with AllAuthor has been fantastic. They support authors and provide tools that help us get the word out about our books.

  • R. M. Schwemmer
    R. M. Schwemmer

    I am beyond pleased with AllAuthor. I think it's the best site I've used as an author as far as promoting my books and keeping my information updated.

  • Nick Lennon-Barrett
    Nick Lennon-Barrett

    I like all the different opportunities you provide authors to showcase their work and meet new readers. There’s a variety of tools, so there’s something for everyone.

  • J.C. Paulson
    J.C. Paulson

    I love the review templates, the book memes and the tweets AllAuthor puts out for member authors. I’m very grateful for the help with these things. I still work for a living, so trying to do all the marketing myself is very hard. Thank you so much.

  • Eloise Epps MacKinnon
    Eloise Epps MacKinnon

    My AllAuthor’s experience has been great! AllAuthor’s provide exposure to your book through their website, Twitter, and Facebook page. What a friendly bunch to work with! And besides promoting your work, AllAuthor is always ready with a resolution to your question.

  • K. Aten
    K. Aten

    I've been using the service for a number of years and love all the features here. I appreciate the care shown by staff and the constant improvement.

  • L. M. Lacee
    L. M. Lacee

    AllAuthor is a terrific site to use for many reasons. They have many ways of promoting author's books, plus many, easy-to-use tools that help authors showcase their work. Also, you will find many like-minded people writing in your genre. And finally, AllAuthor will automatically tweet your books for you. Which is a great help for new authors.

  • Angela Knight
    Angela Knight

    I like the site a lot. I plan to take more advantage of it in the future.

  • Dallas Ryan
    Dallas Ryan

    I liked the ability to create post featuring my book and getting it out there to new people. The weekly posts that are crated for me have been great too and have gotten a lot of good feedback!

  • Linda Griffin
    Linda Griffin

    I’ve found the Magic Tool, seasonal banners, and GIF maker very easy to use. Some of the images are quite beautiful, and I especially liked using the ones with books for Bridges, which is about two book lovers. The regular tweets by AllAuthor are much appreciated too.

  • Marcus A. Nannini
    Marcus A. Nannini

    The website is straightforward to use and offers many marketing opportunites for members.The staff has continuously impressed me. Joining as a Pro member was a good decision.

  • Zuzanne Belec
    Zuzanne Belec

    AllAuthor has been very helpful for this me. I’ve met many wonderful folks on there, and I find that the AllAuthor promo tools and features are very effective (and consistent). The Premium subscription I’m on has paid off well for me and I will be subscribing again for it in the next oncoming period. I just wish I had a bit more time to learn and try out all the helpful functions AllAuthor offers…

  • Brenda Bengtson
    Brenda Bengtson

    AllAuthor has been an asset to me personally and professionally as a new indie author. I receive weekly emails, book mockups, twitter notices, book cover contests, etc. that keep my book SPIRIT OBSESSED in the public eye. I am pleased with the service they provide to new and novice authors in getting our book out there for everyone to read and enjoy! Thank you, AllAuthor!

  • Amy Bernstein
    Amy Bernstein

    AllAuthor offers a convenient, easy-to-use suite of tools for authors who want assistance composing marketing promotions and graphics for their books.

  • Lynne Podrat
    Lynne Podrat

    Fun and enlightening. Besides the offered weekly banners, which are so creative, being tweeted for me, I am able to share this brilliance on other social media helping me keep to a schedule. AllAuthor affords the cover competition, I made it to the finals, and instant followers with whom we can communicate. You are always available for support for which I am grateful.

  • Justin Brimhall
    Justin Brimhall

    I love how I can list all social media profiles, newsletters, and books all in one place. The support from AllAuthor providing book banners, tweets regarding my book, and contests has been fantastic.

  • Sandy Rosenthal
    Sandy Rosenthal

    I joined AllAuthor about a year ago. There are lots of benefits, but my favorite is how every week there's a Mockup Banner created for my book. I update one or more of my social media pages with the banner! It's a lot of fun!

  • Jupiter Rose
    Jupiter Rose

    I love you guys. I think you guys are amazing.

  • Olivia Gaines
    Olivia Gaines

    I have recommended AllAuthor to several authors whom I think this would be a great experience. I love having everything in one spot, tweets, promos, graphics and all in one location. My experience has been phenomenal.

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez

    I like seeing what authors have out there. The exposure is great too. I love the seasonal mockup feature.

  • Susan Frances Morris
    Susan Frances Morris

    I love the all-author site and the way they support authors like myself. They give you tools to help promote your book, and you feel like they care about your writing, which is excellent!

  • Stephen P Jeffries
    Stephen P Jeffries

    It is gratifying to have AllAuthors’s constant attention to tweeting about my book which in turn has prompted me to reach out to other authors who I may not have otherwise corresponded with and their very regular creative output of mock-ups of my cover.

  • Paula M. Karll
    Paula M. Karll

    My experience with AllAuthor has been great! I am thankful for this platform. I love connecting with so many diverse authors. Thank you for this opportunity to share with so many.

  • Virginia
    Virginia'dele Smith

    I’ve enjoyed the platform both as a reader and as an author. My favorite reader feature is the ability to follow authors and receive notifications when they release new books. My favorite author features are the monthly cover contest and the “done-for-you” graphics, mockups, and digital services. Everything I’ve seen or participated in through AllAuthor has been very crisp and professional which I appreciate immensely, and anything that connects me to authors and readers is a win in my book!

  • Brandy Munroe
    Brandy Munroe

    I love your cover of the month contest. I’ve seen my books promoted social media platforms. I’ve experienced an increase in sales on Amazon and engagement on my Romance by Brandy Munroe Facebook page. I look forward to continued collaboration.

  • Stephanie Dargon Luce
    Stephanie Dargon Luce

    I am very happy with AllAuthor and the services they perform on my behalf, from book banner creations to advertising my books. I also like the fact that they email me periodically with updates. It's good to know AllAuthor is there to help me.

  • Gosia Nealon
    Gosia Nealon

    My experience with AllAuthor is great, and I’m very thankful for this opportunity. Thank you!

  • Ian Richard Gill
    Ian Richard Gill

    I have only been with AllAuthor for a few months now, but so far they have done everything that they said they would do. This has not been my experience with other platforms I have tried, some of which did part of what they promised, some things decently, others poorly or not at all. Yes, I would recommend AllAuthor to other authors that I know.

  • Ruth Maille
    Ruth Maille

    The more I explore the website, the more treasures I find. I recently discovered the GIF Banners for social media promotions through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email marketing. These are easy to navigate, and you can make great GIFs that are colorful, creative, and fun. It is definitely a tool that helps books stand out.

  • Tom Boles
    Tom Boles

    I found AllAuthor when I was searching for sites for authors. It immediately attracted me because I recognised authors using it whom I knew and respected. It is a very user-friendly site. At first, I found it difficult to identify authors to follow. They seemed to be writing across multiple genres, but that is sorted now. It would be great if you could promote to more social media sites.

  • Kirsten Hegberg Pursell
    Kirsten Hegberg Pursell

    I have loved being on AllAuthor. I enjoy the weekly mockups and book tweets. It’s a great platform to feature my books as well as provide information about me as an author.

  • Kathleen Stone
    Kathleen Stone

    I have been very happy with my AllAuthor experience! I love the magic tools and being able to create banners and announcements for upcoming book events, holidays, sales, etc..

  • George Ander
    George Ander

    What can I say, they have been a constant beacon of hope in this publishing/marketing quagmire.

  • Joshua Griffith
    Joshua Griffith

    I like to utilize the different seasonal banners for my novels, especially new ones that haven’t been released yet. AllAuthor is a good platform to get the word out and meet other readers and authors.

  • Tim Wojcik
    Tim Wojcik

    Besides the promotional benefits of AllAuthor, I enjoy browsing through the authors and their books to find a kindred spirit or a timely topic. The mockup banner is always fun. The Twitter prompts are a good reminder for me to get out another re-phrasing of the line Read My Book!

  • J. W. Zarek
    J. W. Zarek

    I love all the services offered to authors to promote their books, and plan to continue as a member and use All Author services to promote every new book I write.

  • George C. Murray
    George C. Murray

    I love going to the main site and seeing my book scroll with the others, and all the benefits of being a premium member are worth it; especially as a new author with a limited marketing budget.

  • Patrick Dugan
    Patrick Dugan

    I love that you tweet about my books on a weekly basis.

  • David Amerland
    David Amerland

    Writing is a lonely business so being able to connect with people who appreciate it, want to talk about it and themselves understand some of its tropes always feels like a boon. I am, personally, loving it.

  • Wendy Zuccarello
    Wendy Zuccarello

    I love AllAuthor! I have profiles for both of pen names (I also write under the name Michelle Rider). I think it is a great way to get in touch with readers and other writers. I love that they will Tweet on my books. The best feature is being able to create gifs and posts with the ratings I receive on Goodreads and Amazon. I recommend AllAuthor to everyone I know who writes.

  • Tena  Louise Atkins
    Tena Louise Atkins

    I really admire and respect all of the services from AllAuthor to help promote new and upcoming authors. In order to make this any better of an experience for anyone looking to join, I would like to see classes on ways to do blogs of our own and websites. If this is available, I haven't seen where to find it.Finally, thank you for all you do. I appreciate all the help and advice you provide.

  • Brian McConnell
    Brian McConnell

    AllAuthor has been good for me as it has encouraged me to focus more on promotion of my writing and the importance of letting others know what is the subject of my books.

  • Don Kesterson
    Don Kesterson

    The AllAuthor’s website has been very helpful. I did a considerable amount of research before I signed up. There are many writer websites out there, so there are many choices. I chose AllAuthor because it was professionally organized, it didn’t make any promises of followers and the like. Yet, it provided an excellent market for self-promotion.

  • Bob Price
    Bob Price

    I really do appreciate AllAuthor otherwise I wouldn’t be adding to it. It has a friendly and useful community of authors willing to share their thoughts. Also, the site is very user friendly unlike some. Navigation is good and advertising work can get results. I hope to keep using AllAuthor for the foreseeable future.

  • Joy York
    Joy York

    I am so thrilled to have discovered and joined AllAuthor Pro. The variety of services are amazing. I love the magic tool that allows you to make your books in 3-D in all different arrangements. The banner templets are great. I’m still learning how to create more elaborate styles. The weekly Tweets to promote my books, and there are still so many services for me to explore.

  • Patricia Street
    Patricia Street

    Finding AllAuthor has been a great help maneuvering through book marketing, networking with other authors, learning about the publishing business, and promoting my book. I especially like that AllAuthor provides creative banners and social media posts. Definitely recommend!

  • Ania Danylo
    Ania Danylo

    I love that it feels like a very supportive community which constantly keeps inspiring me with new ideas and connections. So thank you AllAuthor!

  • Paul Sturm
    Paul Sturm

    As a novice author, I was searching for information about publishing and marketing my books. I was fortunate to come across AllAuthor's website, for it has provided me excellent information, primarily about marketing, which has been invaluable. I have appreciated AllAuthor's mockups of my books and their distribution of these mockups to various social platforms, leading to increased sales of all of my books. It has also allowed me to interface with other authors, which has been invaluable for me.

  • William F. Wu
    William F. Wu

    AllAuthor is extremely handy to use.

  • Daisy Wood
    Daisy Wood

    My experience, so far has been good. I have had many other authors follow me, as when you build up a following, that is when others get to know of you, and maybe read your book.If I have learned one thing, it’s that you have to get yourself noticed, and AllAuthor Pro has done this for me. Thank you.

  • Nicholas Adams
    Nicholas Adams

    I'm enjoying the experience. I've found the Pro membership to be a worthwhile investment and would recommend it to other authors.

  • Mark Harbinger
    Mark Harbinger

    AllAuthor is a really nice website. I've really appreciated the author tools and the chance to connect with what other writers are up to. I see myself using AllAuthor much more in the future.

  • Rose Spiller
    Rose Spiller

    All Author has been awesome! The mock ups and posts they have done for book has been incredible. We would definitely recommend All Author to other authors. The amount of promotion they give you for the price is very well worth it! We will be signing up again once our next book is released!

  • Amanda Rose
    Amanda Rose

    Wonderful. It’s been great to connect with readers and other authors!

  • Barbara Avon
    Barbara Avon

    The different available marketing tools are invaluable. I'm also thrilled with the new feature that sends email notifications to followers in regards to new releases. I would recommend AllAuthor to all my peers.

  • Eve Gaal
    Eve Gaal

    All Author has a lot to offer and I appreciate your support.

  • JA Lafrance
    JA Lafrance

    As an author AllAuthor has been such an amazing tool to have.

  • Quentin Cope
    Quentin Cope

    This is a service for writers as well as readers and provides the budding author with a wonderful toolbox. It allows and encourages the new writer, in particular, to take advantage of an excellent suite of Utility Tools, Twitter Management program's and Profile Marketing facilities, including a modern, stylish looking and individual web page. I find it easy to see why AllAuthor is such a popular site for the writing community.

  • Marianne Woolbert-Maxwell
    Marianne Woolbert-Maxwell

    I can't say enough good about AllAuthor!. I am thrilled with it. You have support and services that don't cost a fortune and get your book out there. Excellent! I highly recommend it!

  • H.R. Kemp
    H.R. Kemp

    The author features on AllAuthor are a valuable support for my marketing. I love being able to create interesting and professional looking advertising banners and quote GIFs especially when the images are there and the tools are easy to use.

  • Michael Ross
    Michael Ross

    I have found All Author to be honest and genuine with lots of great ideas. There are a handful of others, but they don't come anywhere near to the service All Author provides. I like the ethos of All Author very much, a real feeling that All Author are 'on my side' And we authors need to know that.

  • Lorraine Devon Wilke
    Lorraine Devon Wilke

    AllAuthor has been great; very vigilant with getting tweets out, I love the book banners (so great to use for online promotion), and appreciate the regular communication and suggestions for activity on the site and with other authors... well done! And yes, I would definitely recommend the site.

  • Kimberly Rose Johnson
    Kimberly Rose Johnson

    The AllAuthor website is easy to navigate and I think helpful to anyone looking for their next book to read.