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  • Tarrant Smith
    Tarrant Smith

    I truly believe the site provides the most value for a self-published author’s money. I have made use of all its features and will continue to do so.

  • TK Lawyer
    TK Lawyer

    AllAuthor has been a wonderful, additional resource to promote featured books for me. I enjoy receiving the mock-ups with my book covers and will use these to also add to my own marketing efforts. I would definitely recommend any author to utilize the vast array of services available with AllAuthor.

  • Kathy Douglass
    Kathy Douglass

    My first impression of AllAuthor was that they do a great job of promoting on Twitter.

  • Caron Allan
    Caron Allan

    I definitely would recommend AllAuthor – I love the mock-ups and the promo that you do. I do believe I have reached more people—the way my books are showcased on my page and recommended to readers who are interested in my genre means I can reach people who have probably never heard of me and might otherwise not have found my books. Thanks so much!

  • Heba Hamzeh
    Heba Hamzeh

    I am enjoying AllAuthor and the products available on it are great.

  • L M Hedrick
    L M Hedrick

    AllAuthor is an absolutely Brilliant venue for authors. AllAuthor has been critical in our successful marketing and promotion of our novels Well Done!!

  • R.B.K.

    I am very satisfied with the tools provided on their site to help with book promotion. The Author can promote his/her book using many promotional aids and tools for a reasonable price. I have tried many book promotional sites that were very expensive and ineffective. One promotional site I tried literally tweeted my book with a visible hand holding my book. The learning curve has taught me that book promotion is very time consuming and AllAuthor makes it a lot easier and faster. Drafting a book is the easy part anyone can do it! But book promotion is the hardest part of the process. I am extremely satisfied with AllAuthor and will continue to use them in the future.

  • Gwen Romack
    Gwen Romack

    The price was reasonable and I liked the mock ups.

  • C. L. Brown
    C. L. Brown

    AllAuthor is unique in that it provides a means to do that, mingle with authors and readers, as well as create promo material. It’s definitely worth looking into for self-published and traditional published authors.

  • Stacey Niedentohl
    Stacey Niedentohl

    My publisher told me about AllAuthor. This was one of things I would not have known about had I not had a publisher. I'm sure I don't use it to its fullest, but as a new Author it is a great place to connect and learn from others.

  • Diane Weiner
    Diane Weiner

    I have enjoyed working with All Author! The cover contest was fun, and I enjoy using the tools for creating mock ups.

  • B.L. Callaghan
    B.L. Callaghan

    I think AllAuthor is a great site and brings together many elements and resources that authors love and need.

  • John J Blenkush
    John J Blenkush

    There are many great features on AllAuthor but the one I like best is connecting with authors and readers from all around the world. Keep up the good work.

  • Susan Leigh Furlong
    Susan Leigh Furlong

    My experience with AllAuthor has been very favorable. I cannot create the photos of my book covers on my own, and using the ones sent by AllAuthor on Facebook or other sites are terrific. I also appreciate the tweets AllAuthor sends on a regular basis about my books. I can also now send out information to my email list through AllAuthor, and the professional style is greatly appreciated. These are a big help to an author on a budget.

  • Jeff Walker
    Jeff Walker

    I’ve enjoyed the help in pushing the promotion of my titles and connecting with other writers doing the same. There are some great digital mock-ups for displaying them or featuring them from time to time. It does the job for spreading the word about your books.

  • Karen Martin
    Karen Martin

    AllAuthor is a great support for the promotional aspects of my novel. With very easy access to mock up banners and regular tweets, AllAuthor ensures ongoing visibility of my novel. It is a great back-up for when I slacken off the business end of being an independent author.

  • Jack Polo
    Jack Polo

    I think All Author is easily the best site for any/every writer around. You can find brilliant insights, savvy marketing ideas and best of all, comments from other writers who’re walking the same path.

  • Krissy Baccaro
    Krissy Baccaro

    I really love what AllAuthor provides for their authors. I especially like the tweets, the tools we can utilize to create mock-ups, GIFs, create our own tweets, follow authors, and get followers. I love the Featured book service too and of course, Customer service is top-notch. Have you ever thought about offering authors help with advertisements/creating ads, or offering discount deals to authors on special services such as Featured books or something like that? Thank you for all you do!!

  • Alan McGill
    Alan McGill

    The experience has been great. I enjoy the cover contests and all the authors featured. Certainly need the help getting noticed as an independent, self-published author so I am thankful this service is there to help get us noticed.

  • Sepehr Haddad
    Sepehr Haddad

    I have benefited tremendously from the tools AllAuthor has provided, especially at first being an unknown, first-time author. AllAuthor provided a platform where my work could be made available to an audience that would otherwise not know of it.

  • Cricket Rohman
    Cricket Rohman

    I love AllAuthor. I always ensure a book is “featured” here before committing to paid promos and many FB posts and Tweets. I have about twenty banners made in AllAuthor for each of my novels. It’s easy to use.

  • Cheryl King
    Cheryl King

    AllAuthor has helped tremendously with spreading the news about my book and growing my social media audience. I love the mockups each week and the ability to create quote teasers. I definitely would recommend AllAuthor to other authors.

  • Dedrick L. Moone
    Dedrick L. Moone

    I was absolutely enamored with it in seeing how you could make new contacts and the various tools contained within for authors particularly those that have a premium subscription.

  • Zanne Sweeney
    Zanne Sweeney

    I love the tweets and banners I can create. This is the only site I am spending money on to promote my books. I know I’ve gotten some followers through the site.

  • Joseph Willson
    Joseph Willson

    The hardest part about being an author is not the writing. Unless of course you cannot write, but that’s a whole other story. It’s the marketing, it’s the connecting with the readers. But also, it’s about connecting with other authors in the genre and other genres also. Making and being able to establish and keep those connections is critical to an author’s success, to sales and to new friendships along the way. I now know people all over the world through my books. AllAuthor has been a big part of me accomplishing that, just like Goodreads has, just like Amazon has. I do believe I will be using AllAuthor for as long as I continue to write and publish books.

  • P.B. King Sr.
    P.B. King Sr.

    It is a great community of Authors and readers, gives an Author a chance to follow other Authors and at the same time offers you the tools to promote your book in many ways,The promotional tools available let you customize your book in various formats, and promoting them on the Social Media Outlets. The mock ups and ideas are great and offer you great ideas to promote your book. AllAuthor has been a great community for me and it will be a part of my author experience for years to come.

  • Hélène Ferreira
    Hélène Ferreira

    AllAuthor is a brilliant site! It has very helpful promotional tools for authors. I’ve found the AllAuthor community to be very supportive. The authors and readers have amazingly clever, entertaining and touching biographies.

  • LC Ahl
    LC Ahl

    My experience has a been a pleasant one and I promote AllAuthor to all my writing friends. We put our cover up in the cover contest and even though we didn’t win, we were in the top ten. Every week I get a new mock up of our book, which I love and use in my social media markets. I also was never a Twitter fan but ended up with an account so you guys could promote my book.My only feedback is keep up the good work. You guys are doing a great job!

  • Roslyn Reid
    Roslyn Reid

    It’s a great alternative to a dedicated author website. I’ve been recommending it as such. The support is fantastic.

  • Elizabeth Hill
    Elizabeth Hill

    Absolutely love the mock-up etc. and the exposure on Twitter. Love connecting with other writers. Thanks for the opportunity to tell you about myself and my book. I always recommend AllAuthor to my fellow writers.

  • Ethan Kenyon-Tate
    Ethan Kenyon-Tate

    I particularly like the networking (I found an author I really like via AllAuthor) and the auto-generated images you can share to Twitter with the single click of a button. It’s a very convenient and easy-to-use tool that’s essential for any author who is struggling to make themselves heard!

  • Tara Conrad
    Tara Conrad

    I love the scheduled tweets, the mock-ups, and the general community you have all built on AllAuthor. I've recommended you many times to other authors!

  • S. Lee Fisher
    S. Lee Fisher

    An author friend posted an eye-catching ad of their book displayed beside a coffee cup. It was a very attractive picture so I asked him what platform was used. He responded AllAuthor. I joined immediately and have used you ever since. I intend to continue using AllAuthor to promote all of my books. I am enrolled in several additional sites used for creating ad copy. I limited most of my SM to Facebook. When I use the other platforms, it is for a specific reason. The advantage of AllAuthor is the continuous tweets and promotional material automatically provided. AllAuthor provides me with ad copy to use on the spot, saves my precious time for other creative activities, like writing.

  • Darci J Steiner
    Darci J Steiner

    AllAuthor has provided me with tools to promote my book and connect with other authors. The mockup tool is my favorite. I love getting my new mockup banner every week and it’s set up ready to tweet. The book cover contest is a great feature to help get exposure for your book. There is a wide variety of benefits to subscribing to AllAuthor—it’s well worth it!

  • Kristine Allen
    Kristine Allen

    I LOVE AllAuthor. Besides, the support you give authors, the magic tools and image editor options are the BOMB! It has been an absolute game changer for my promos.

  • MJ Krause-Chivers
    MJ Krause-Chivers

    I discovered that AllAuthor is a comprehensive site that covers many of my author needs. It’s quickly become my go-to author resource. I especially love their easy-peasy twitter feeds and gif tool.

  • Kiru Taye
    Kiru Taye

    AllAuthor has been wonderful so far. It has taken some of the strain of book marketing away and made life simpler for me as an author. I definitely recommend it.

  • Marlene Wagman-Geller
    Marlene Wagman-Geller

    I love how you send me a mock- up each week that I post on Facebook. I have to explore the site as my friend created a magnificent post on All Author. Alas, I am not that technological. Love the site!

  • Kacie Clement
    Kacie Clement

    I have enjoyed my experience with AllAuthor. Their weekly emails are awesome and always include a mockup banner which is useful in my social media. The services they offer are amazing. I always refer my author friends to investigate AllAuthor.

  • Kev Freeman
    Kev Freeman

    It’s a fantastic platform that allows authors to connect, provides resources and forms part of a wider marketing/publicity strategy.

  • Aidan Lucid
    Aidan Lucid

    AllAuthor is a fantastic website which really does help promote its members’ books. New authors should definitely sign up.

  • Chuck Clayton
    Chuck Clayton

    It is head and shoulders above the rest of the sites presented! Also, the cost is very reasonable. In other words, you get a lot of bang for your buck with AllAuthor!

  • Stephen Ainley
    Stephen Ainley

    AllAuthor do a wonderful job of promoting your books, , and i would highly recommend them.

  • Debbie Baldwin
    Debbie Baldwin

    I am constantly impressed with the services. I get emails letting me know when I have new followers and when they have Tweeted about my books. AllAuthor also sends mock-ups for banner and social media ads. Everything the site does is helpful without any extraneous stuff or pushy upselling. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

  • Mary DiCaro
    Mary DiCaro

    I have really enjoyed the promotions and professional attention given by AllAuthor. As a first time published author, I did not know how to market and promote my book and quite frankly, did not now what to expect. AllAuthor has given me the assistance I needed to transition from writing my book to marketing it. It is a different mind set and skill set.

  • Steve Zettler
    Steve Zettler

    I’ve found them to be a wonderfully supportive organization. With so much of the business being conducted over the internet, it’s great to know you have some positive people in your corner.

  • Allistar Banks
    Allistar Banks

    It has left a good impression on me with the tools and creative social media postings I can utilize for my platforms to make my books stand out.

  • Anthony Scott
    Anthony Scott

    I'm enjoying AllAuthor it is a professional platform with a lot of other legends still publishing new books.I'd definitely recommend this site to authors. It's a way to promote your books and network with other creators. Be apart of the community and find your way to success!

  • Gary Roe
    Gary Roe

    I have found All Author to be terrific, personal, and highly interactive. So far, I love it and am very grateful.

  • Kerri Lukasavitz
    Kerri Lukasavitz

    AllAuthors has been helpful in book promotion. I think their proactive approach is far better than some of the other places I tried to promote years with ago (knowing absolutely nothing about marketing) when I was first published. I have recommended AllAuthors to my other author friends.

  • Melissa Eskue Ousley
    Melissa Eskue Ousley

    Great! I especially appreciate the marketing support for Constellations of Scars through your site and Twitter.

  • Dr. S. K. Grunin
    Dr. S. K. Grunin

    Yes - it provides a nice overview and great information about books and authors. I see myself using it far into the future.

  • Tammy Green
    Tammy Green

    Amazing! You guys really are the best!

  • PK Corey
    PK Corey

    I love the ease of being able to make my own banners that look so lovely and professional. I also like that I can find new authors and I love being notified when an author I’m following comes out with a new book.

  • O. L. Brown
    O. L. Brown

    My experience has been very positive. All of my books are displayed on my AllAuthor, Author Page, and you have done a good job of promoting two of my books. I would definitely recommend AllAuthor to other authors.


    AllAuthor is listed as “Excellent” and when I looked further into them, felt they would be an efficient aid in promoting my book and platform, which they have been.

  • Pamela C Rice
    Pamela C Rice

    AllAuthors, is a great site for promoting authors. Self-publisher and INDIE authors need great outlets to help promote their work. I certainly appreciate the features and promotion opportunities.

  • Nitika Sharma
    Nitika Sharma

    All Author is an excellent platform that helps us as writers and reader to get to know each other. I really appreciate it.

  • Jane Harvey
    Jane Harvey

    The website has a lot of tools for writers – I love the magic tool and the tweeting functions, which make life very easy for me, as a writer. I have also come across some new writers via the website. As a reader, it’s very easy to navigate and a lively place to visit.

  • Nicole Patrice Thomas
    Nicole Patrice Thomas

    I think it is a great resource for self published authors, like myself, to build our platform. It helps connect us to more readers all over the world, that is what we want!

  • Cathy Connally
    Cathy Connally

    I like the cover art they present. Nice to follow different authors as well. Nicely done.

  • Q. Rigal
    Q. Rigal

    All the Book Mockup banners, the Review GIF Maker, the Tweeter Scheduler are important tools for authors, especially when new to the industry. I am so grateful to AllAuthor for the magic of their website and all the support. Also, their customer service support answered very fast, cordially, and effectively; I really love and recommend AllAuthor, more specifically, AllAuthor Pro Services.

  • Terry lister
    Terry lister

    I was an author on Allauthors for almost a year before I got to see the full value of being a member. I found an article online written by a fellow author who had taken advantage of everything Allauthor had to offer, and I immediately started utilizing the site differently. Today, it has become one of my favourite sites and I would strongly recommend Allauthors to any author.

  • Chris Duffy-Wentzel
    Chris Duffy-Wentzel

    I had several book coaches for the various stages or writing and publishing. One of them highly recommended AllAuthor as a wonderfully supportive community that I needed to learn from and connect with.


    As an unknown author, I wanted to get my name and book out there to as many people as possible, and AllAuthor has helped with that, so thank you.

  • Shoshi Herscu
    Shoshi Herscu

    I love it because it works. I see the monthly analytics. It's very easy to use and provides excellent tools like the Quotes Editor which I love. Moreover, for someone who has almost no presence on social media (I was removed a while ago from Facebook and Twitter), it's really useful for me that AllAuthor promotes my book on Twitter on a weekly basis. Thanks a lot for your awesome service.

  • Christopher Bowron
    Christopher Bowron

    I think it is the best site I’ve been associated with for Author support. You really want to help us writers out.

  • Angelica Kate
    Angelica Kate

    I love the site, I totally enjoy the mockups as they are so easy to use and market my books. I enjoy learning about other authors and feel that the site is designed to give authors a leg up, which I appreciate.

  • JC Compton
    JC Compton

    It’s been wonderful. I love meeting new authors and discovering their works!

  • Pamela S Thibodeaux
    Pamela S Thibodeaux

    I heard about AllAuthor from friend and fellow author, Kathy Wheeler. I’m enjoying being a part of this great platform and I appreciate everything you do for authors.

  • Karissa Knight
    Karissa Knight

    My favorite part of All Author is the automatic Tweet feature. And my other favorite part is the Gif- Maker. And the community. And the featured book page. Actually, I love everything about All Author! Thanks for all your awesomeness! And thank you for the interview.

  • Robert Paul
    Robert Paul

    I have been very happy with the experience, and have corresponded with different authors. Some authors have left great reviews which have been very flattering. I love the marketing / advertising avenues afforded by AllAuthor and hope to be a part of the family for some time to come.

  • Stephen Finlay Archer
    Stephen Finlay Archer

    Seems like a very helpful and informative platform for presenting authors and their work. Thank you.

  • Sharon Bazant
    Sharon Bazant

    I have had a great experience with AllAuthor so far. They promote my book regularly and provide excellent creative mock-ups for marketing. I would definitely recommend this platform to other authors.

  • James Norwood
    James Norwood

    AllAuthor has been amazing and has been a great source of marketing and networking.

  • Hayley Rae Johnson
    Hayley Rae Johnson

    I have been with AllAuthor since June 2021 and I LOVE it! There are so many other platforms out there but they are expensive and they charge for every tiny thing they do - hundreds of dollars for every tiny thing! AllAuthor has been amazing and I plan on using it indefinitely.

  • Christina Consolino
    Christina Consolino

    In a word, fabulous! The site is easy to use, and I appreciate the weekly banners, animated GIFS, and everything else it offers. Many thanks for making book promotion easy!

  • Paty Jager
    Paty Jager

    AllAuthor has been helpful in keeping me on top of promoting my books and has given me useful tools to promote myself and my books.

  • Hubert L. Mullins
    Hubert L. Mullins

    It’s been great. The exposure is nice and I love the banner tools. I’d recommend this to anyone!

  • Neboysha Saikovski
    Neboysha Saikovski

    The website itself is easy, and nice to navigate. Very convenient, even if someone is not very computer literate. Very impressive writing portal, you are doing a great job, and up to date with technology. I think it’s great, enjoyed this cooperation, and am very grateful for the promotional activities you provided for my book - we will cooperate on my future books too.

  • Leann Lane
    Leann Lane

    It’s been great! Been on the website for years and was lucky to be able to dive deeper into the site and am looking forward to staying a long while!

  • Peter Darman
    Peter Darman

    I enjoy using AllAuthor because it is a simple platform to use, and the advertising is very cost-effective. I do not consider myself to be a tech-savvy person, so a platform such as All-Author, which is user-friendly, is ideal for someone like me. I would certainly recommend it to other authors.

  • Sylvia Longmire
    Sylvia Longmire

    I think it's a really great website for authors to showcase their work and get it out there for other people to see and enjoy!

  • Andrew Colvin
    Andrew Colvin

    AllAuthor is a great site. I love the weekly banners and animated gifs, and I’ve gotten good feedback from their promo tweets and Facebook posts, even some sales.

  • Robin D
    Robin D'Amato

    AllAuthor is a great site. I love the weekly banners and animated gifs, and I’ve gotten good feedback from their promo tweets and Facebook posts, even some sales.

  • Terry Overton
    Terry Overton

    I have enjoyed the experience. Although I had several publications out before my debut novel, I had not used any resources such as AllAuthor for my earlier works. It has been helpful for marketing and making new connections.

  • Emily Johnson
    Emily Johnson

    I joined about 5 months ago, not long after Bird of Paradise was published. I think it's been great. The access to social media postings and gif reviews has made things easier and I think it's a good vehicle to help market a book, especially for an unknown author.


    I have used several sites named in those documents and have found AllAuthor to be the most beneficial as well as a great value.

  • Denise Spain
    Denise Spain

    I joined AllAuthor four months ago. I've liked the tools on the author page and have liked the communication so far. I also like how we're introduced to other authors and books we may not see otherwise. Thank you for your help, AllAuthor!


    I have enjoyed my association with AllAuthor and I have been pleased with the exposure my books have received. Even while working through the pandemic everything ran smoothly. Whenever I have questions, the help and support I receive is excellent.

  • Rena Winters
    Rena Winters

    I joined AllAuthor because a fellow author suggested that you could be helpful in publicizing my upcoming books. I am extremely happy with all your efforts and will continue to use you for future books. It’s a special relationship and I really appreciate everything that you do on my behalf.

  • Florence Osmund
    Florence Osmund

    The AllAuthor staff are creative and know their way around social media. Their artistic creations free up time for us, time that we can devote to other things.

  • D. Gabrielle Jensen
    D. Gabrielle Jensen

    I discovered AllAuthor through the monthly cover contest in 2018 for my poetry collection, Battle Magic. I have slowly but surely dig in a little deeper to find more of the benefits available on the site and so far I am pleased with my decision to pay for all the bells and whistles.

  • K.T. McGivens
    K.T. McGivens

    I absolutely love AllAuthor! It’s one of the best sites I’ve ever used! And the best bang for the buck! The marketing tools are great and I love that the book banners are automatically tweeted for me. This relieves me of having to do so! You guys are awesome! Thank you!

  • Karen Novak
    Karen Novak

    All Author is very supportive of their authors.

  • Roberta Seret
    Roberta Seret

    I heard about AllAuthor from a colleague of mine. She loved it! And I love it! also I am very grateful for the tweets and buzz you have created about my series of Transylvanian Trilogy. Thank you so much!!!

  • Christine Cazes
    Christine Cazes

    I first noticed the wonderful graphics that AllAuthor used for the books written by another author whom I admire. At that point, I reached out to AllAuthor and they have continued to help me market my books with expertise.

  • Gail Ward Olmsted
    Gail Ward Olmsted

    I really enjoy the closeness and support of the writing community that AllAuthor has created as well as the ability to design great graphics with ease.

  • Linda Sachs
    Linda Sachs

    I enjoy the ease of the using AllAuthor to create mock ups, banners and GIF videos to promote my book, No More Pets.

  • Donald J. "DJ" Humphrey II
    Donald J. "DJ" Humphrey II

    AllAuthor is an excellent website. AllAuthor's book cover contest, Twitter posts, book mockup banners, and all the other AllAthor promotional tools have been part of helping 8 Miraculous Months in the Malayan Jungle become a Best Seller.