Testimonials Discover what our pro members have to say about their experience!
  • Chris Towndrow
    Chris Towndrow

    I like that it’s straightforward to use, and certainly, in the last few weeks is generating good interest.

  • Delia C. Zorzoliu
    Delia C. Zorzoliu

    My experience with AllAutor was wonderful. AllAutor offers quality services, promptness and last but not least professionalism being attentive to the needs of each author. I can say that AllAutor has become my favorite platform in a short time. Thanks AllAutor for existing.

  • Dawn H. Bostick
    Dawn H. Bostick

    Being associated with AllAuthor has been an transformational experience! The promotional products are done in excellence and the exposure has been wonderful. I love being a part of the platform and the creativity associated with it.

  • David Hickson
    David Hickson

    My experience with AllAuthor has been great. It is so helpful to receive a new mockup of my book every week. It is so easy to forget to keep doing the small tasks that are necessary to keep things fresh for readers, and I have found AllAuthor very helpful in keeping on top of that. Thank you for all you do to support authors!

  • Alyson Sheldrake
    Alyson Sheldrake

    I have been so impressed with AllAuthor, and especially the wide range of professional banners and promotional materials I have been able to produce through the magic tools on the website and the weekly mailings.

  • Marcus Coles
    Marcus Coles

    I have enjoyed seeing the banners that are made for me and get excited when I get new followers.

  • Silvia Sama-Lambiv
    Silvia Sama-Lambiv

    An author friend recommended the allauthor website and I have never been disappointed by their services. There is so much on Allauthor website that is not available on many websites in the same category. The integrity and transparency of the Allauthor website is something to applaud. The Allauthor website lives-up to it values and promise. I appreciate the plethora of resources and marketing props available on the website that facilitate book promotion for the author.

  • Diann Floyd Boehm
    Diann Floyd Boehm

    I appreciate AllAuthor Company. A. Meeting other authors and learning about their books B. The quality of book marketing -book mockup

  • Rebecca Conaty Bruce
    Rebecca Conaty Bruce

    With AllAuthor I can get creative and post it straight to twitter. The best item is when your book is featured you receive the automatic daily tweets. This helps me to concentrate on my writing and not have to worry daily about posting something, AllAuthor does it for me.

  • Julia Carlson
    Julia Carlson

    I have met some amazing Indie Authors who have mentored me and become friends. We read each others rough drafts, "talk story", and support each others growth. I never thought there was this world of amazing writers who were so supportive and nurturing. I feel so fortunate to be in this Hui.

  • Monique Desrosiers
    Monique Desrosiers

    I'm always finding something new about AllAuthor. I discover new ways to promote my book, I find new books by new authors, and love the ability to read a preview.

  • Cherise Arthur
    Cherise Arthur

    I have really enjoyed being a member of AllAuthor as a new writer and learning from other writers and having tools to help market my first children's book. I have told others about AllAuthor and recommend it to them as a wonderful way to meet writers and to help market your books.

  • Jill Clark
    Jill Clark

    AllAuthor creates a variety of imaginative opportunities for a writer to share their work. AllAuthor is the most thorough promotional group that I have worked with.

  • Emma Pivato
    Emma Pivato

    I am very bad at promotion and am in fact quite grumpy about it. It seems to me that it is enough work to write my books and after that they should magically promote themselves – but of course that does not happen! The AllAuthor site is good in that it keeps bringing this promotion issue to my attention and pestering me to do certain things, like the present questionnaire, that I would otherwise blithely ignore!

  • Annie Koshy
    Annie Koshy

    All Author has been a great support to market my book. The graphics, the tweets and the support has been much appreciated!

  • M.J. Schiller
    M.J. Schiller

    I love working with AllAuthor. Not only because they do a good job of promoting my books, but they are very pleasant to work with and seem to genuinely care about their customers.

  • Bill Jones Jr.
    Bill Jones Jr.

    It has been wonderful. The support is consistent, the marketing tools professional and beautiful, and having a single site to direct people to has been brilliant.

  • Kathryn Casey
    Kathryn Casey

    I don't have time to make up promo materials, and it's great to have that done for me. I appreciate the social media exposure. I've recommended AllAuthor to friends.

  • Deborah Carr
    Deborah Carr

    I think AllAuthor is a fabulous, supportive site. I’ve discovered new authors and made friends, and I love the Magic Tool and Seasonal Mock-up Banners.

  • CJ Warrant
    CJ Warrant

    Since I joined AllAuthor, it's been wonderful how they support authors like me. From promoting books to doing front cover contests. And networking.

  • Crystal Jackson
    Crystal Jackson

    I have truly enjoyed it. I love seeing the tweets come out, and the graphics are just gorgeous. I highly recommend AllAuthor!

  • Frankie Page
    Frankie Page

    The staff have been super helpful, I love the cover of the month platform. The questions/discussions on books are really neat as well.

  • Terri Kozlowski
    Terri Kozlowski

    I’m relatively new to the platform, but I have enjoyed the access to readers, and the assistance AllAuthor has been to reach my audience.

  • Betty Brandt Passick
    Betty Brandt Passick

    I appreciate AllAuthor for connecting my books with new readers. You fill the gap outside of my reach, and I’m grateful for all that you do.

  • Sandra Wells
    Sandra Wells

    I like the All Author application because, using it, I have one central area for customers to purchase all my books. They can read my bio, see available books, purchase, and read reviews all from this site.

  • Constance Ruth Clark
    Constance Ruth Clark

    I didn’t expect all the cool features and have found it really helpful in assisting me with marketing and finding new readers. Its been really enjoyable all around.

  • Sherri Stewart
    Sherri Stewart

    It’s a well-run company that follows through on their promises.

  • Kimberly Van Ginkel
    Kimberly Van Ginkel

    I am so glad I found AllAuthor! My favorite part has been the graphics creation areas for quotes and reviews. That alone has been worth the price of the subscription.

  • James L. Rickard
    James L. Rickard

    I’m already pretty satisfied because there are also benefits, such as banner mock ups, so you get a lot of bang for your buck.

  • Amanda Ward
    Amanda Ward

    There are so many tools I love to use, and it's one of the easiest sites.

  • Andrew Boyce
    Andrew Boyce

    AllAuthor is great and I recommend it! For example, you get access to great graphics where you can add your book covers images on various settings such as Easter, New Year and Summer.

  • Ryan Poirier
    Ryan Poirier

    Very good! I've taken huge advantage of the various book mockup services available, and it's really helped gain my following and readers. Thank you!

  • Kathy L Wheeler
    Kathy L Wheeler

    My experience with AllAuthor has been great so far. It was recommended to me by Anna Campbell and I'm thrilled she said something. I hope to be with them for many years to come.

  • Dave Eagleston Sr.
    Dave Eagleston Sr.

    AllAuthor is a great website and I love the way you have things broken down. Easy to navigate and fun to interact with other authors.

  • Blue Spruell
    Blue Spruell

    I’ve enjoyed it. There are a number of good author-support platforms out there, but I’ve especially enjoyed using AllAuthor’s promotion tools. Thanks, AllAuthor!

  • Emma Lombard
    Emma Lombard

    My absolute favorite All Author feature is the Review GIF Maker tool. It’s so easy to use that even I could make professional-looking GIFs! They are excellent for promoting my reviews on social media.

  • Alan J. Hesse
    Alan J. Hesse

    Excellent! I think it’s a great platform and I wish I’d known about it sooner.

  • Laurie Buchanan
    Laurie Buchanan

    Excellent! The customer focus I receive from AllAuthor has far exceeded my initial expectation. And the graphic-creation tools are fun easy to use.

  • C. J. Boyle
    C. J. Boyle

    I love the website. It has some really great tools for authors. The website created for my books looks great and professional, I love it. Yes, I would definitely recommend it to others.

  • Apple Gidley
    Apple Gidley

    I have been delighted with the AllAuthor’s professionalism with regard publicizing my work and look forward to our continued collaboration.

  • Kevin Albin
    Kevin Albin

    For the price, the facilities are amazing, especially the book mockups, which are very cleverly done. There’s also the personal touch in that it feels like a big family.

  • Larada Horner-Miller
    Larada Horner-Miller

    I really like AllAuthor and what they have done for me. I certainly would highly recommend it to other author friends.

  • Laurie Ryan
    Laurie Ryan

    I’m loving the community. Not only do I feel surrounded by like-minded folks, I’m personally finding new authors to read. I’m grateful to AllAuthor for everything they do to keep us reading (and writing.)

  • PJ Braley
    PJ Braley

    I was a marketing newbie and AllAuthor has so many marketing options, including advice and very creative ways to present my book on social media. I honestly feel I have a marketing partner and a designer in one as well as a family of authors who are just as excited as I am to be taking this exhilarating journey.

  • Sherry Hutchison
    Sherry Hutchison

    Setting up my Author page has been smooth. I love how easy I can go in and adjust new covers and categories. I was looking for a good social media site vs Facebook & my private website and have been very happy so far. Thank you for your support. You have been awesome!

  • Daniel Paterna
    Daniel Paterna

    It’s a great resource for folks who are not equipped or have no experience creating their own book promotion. All Author can make a difference.

  • Laura Simmons
    Laura Simmons

    It has been a great experience and I plan to continue my membership for the foreseeable future. I love the book mock-ups All Author provides for their authors! It is also a nice community of fellow authors.

  • A.D. Dauphinais
    A.D. Dauphinais

    I was impressed by the personal touch and everything their platform has to offer. You can really see the genuine interest in supporting authors.

  • Katherine Eddinger Smits
    Katherine Eddinger Smits

    I am so happy with AllAuthor! You have provided me with lots of exposure, and I love the mockup banners and other tools. I’m now pro with four books with AllAuthor and will soon make it five. Keep up the good work!

  • Joseph Melnik
    Joseph Melnik

    AllAuthor has been fabulous, I am able to connect with other likeminded individuals as well as show off my book cover in the competition.

  • Candace Sams
    Candace Sams

    All Author is a great place to get quality exposure for the advertising dollar. The site is easy to use and has always been professionally managed. The services help keep my work in front of readers; readers I'd be unable to reach by any other means.

  • C.H. Admirand
    C.H. Admirand

    There are so many different promo options with eye-catching graphics that are very easy to use. Coupled with their tweet scheduler and featured book option, it's a win-win situation!

  • Chesand Gregory
    Chesand Gregory

    I like the community, it provides to build relationships with other authors and showcase my work.

  • Carolyn M Bowen
    Carolyn M Bowen

    My experience with AllAuthor has been off the charts – the best imaginable! I highly recommend your service to authors serious about marketing their books.

  • Brian Kavanagh
    Brian Kavanagh

    The wide expanse of books. The variety. The new authors. And access to all.

  • R J Gould
    R J Gould

    Well done to AllAuthor for their work to support us authors. I’m impressed so far!

  • Zach Thomas
    Zach Thomas

    It's been really great. It's like the family I've always wanted with fellow writers.

  • Shiela Stewart
    Shiela Stewart

    I love how much they care about the authors and readers. AllAuthor makes it easy to promote the books. I especially like the tweet option. Seeing the books of other authors as soon as you open the page is great.

  • Cemone Rowe
    Cemone Rowe

    My experience meeting other authors has been amazing but I don’t mind connecting with more in the future because I enjoy meeting new people.

  • Gabrielle Dahms
    Gabrielle Dahms

    AllAuthor is a wonderful service and platform with which I have been associated less than a year. How great it would have been to engage with AllAuthor long before that!

  • R.  L. S. Hoff
    R. L. S. Hoff

    I have appreciated the visibility that AllAuthor has brought to me and my books, and I enjoy playing around with the mock-up banners and magic tools.

  • Joanne Doucette
    Joanne Doucette

    I have been very impressed by the graphics produced by AllAuthor.

  • Thomas Grant Bruso
    Thomas Grant Bruso

    I’d recommend All Authors to any writer looking to expand his or her readership and platform.

  • Jacquie Balogh
    Jacquie Balogh

    I enjoy AllAuthor. There is a lot available to writers and readers alike. I have enjoyed the journey so far.

  • Melody Saleh
    Melody Saleh

    The weekly mock-ups are a great perk, something I can share across my social media platforms. It’s one less thing I must create. We’re responsible for our marketing, and that includes our social media presence. Twitter posts are a great plus. I’ve paid a fee to have my book publicized only to have it just sit on a webpage. With AllAuthor, I see where my book is getting personal attention.


    I love using the mock-up graphics, especially the holiday themed ones, and the quote graphics. I also like connecting with other authors and with readers.

  • Linda K. Hopkins
    Linda K. Hopkins

    AllAuthor is definitely a part of my marketing strategy as an author, and I envisage using it for years.

  • Tonya Penrose
    Tonya Penrose

    All Author is the most helpful and necessary tool in my toolbox for helping me promote books. You have given me the ability to create promotional material for my books. I can't imagine launching a book, keeping it engaging as time goes on, and using social media without All Author. Your customer service is stellar. When I recommend All Author, I see it as a way to give back and help other authors and readers discover an excellent, easy-to-navigate, and welcoming place. There aren't enough stars in the heavens to award you. I'm a grateful and loyal author to All Author.

  • Heather Novak
    Heather Novak

    I think it’s a really cool resource for authors to connect and for readers to find out more about their favorite authors!

  • Michael Stephen Daigle
    Michael Stephen Daigle

    I am grateful to AllAuthor for the opportunity to expand potential markets through the several programs that are offered.

  • David Hall
    David Hall

    It’s a great network for authors and readers alike. I love the book mock-ups you send out to us on the Pro subscription. These have been used on all my social media campaigns.

  • CJ Baty
    CJ Baty

    I adore AllAuthor! I have been thrilled with the attention to detail that has been given to me and my novels. I’ve seen growth in my audience, and I know it’s because of AllAuthor.

  • Caldecott Rachel
    Caldecott Rachel

    It is a great service. I’ve been very impressed by the quality and quantity of your tweets on my behalf. I certainly couldn’t reach as many people without you.

  • Rebecca Handley
    Rebecca Handley

    I really appreciate the support and the gateway, as a newly and as-yet unrepresented writer, into the writing world! Thank you.

  • Caroline James
    Caroline James

    I love AllAuthor. It is a professional, helpful website that really works hard to provide a bespoke service for authors. The team are brilliant and do everything they can to ensure that communication is easy and quick.

  • Irial OFarrell
    Irial OFarrell

    I loved it and realised how easy AllAuthor makes marketing for authors. You have great marketing services and I'm really looking forward to featuring my next book too.

  • Michael K Bialys
    Michael K Bialys

    In a word, "Excellent." They are very attentive and I love the regular tweets and promotion.

  • Brent Bohn
    Brent Bohn

    I’m glad to be associated with AllAuthor. You help me with my social media marketing. When I don’t have time to do it, your monthly marketing to Twitter helps a lot. AllAuthor has a good team in place where creative minds come up with new ideas of showing our books in different scenarios.

  • Joy Alantis
    Joy Alantis

    It's a great tool that helps promote but there's so many resources for the writers. I also love how we can connect with other writers on the platform.

  • Mark  Probert
    Mark Probert

    I have greatly appreciated the additional exposure and opportunity to tell others about my writing. The regular images of the book are a nice surprise when they drop into my inbox.

  • Laura Daleo
    Laura Daleo

    I’m getting a lot of exposure for my books and the author tools are very professional.

  • Kaia Verheyen
    Kaia Verheyen

    I love the background pictures that AllAuthor makes for my books. It makes them look really beautiful and my father can share them with friends and fans.

  • Tara Nina
    Tara Nina

    For me, AllAuthor has been refreshingly professional and supportive. The information provided is clear, the website is easy to navigate, and the services offered to authors are extensive and varied. I think it’s an excellent resource.

  • Beth Haslam
    Beth Haslam

    For me, AllAuthor has been refreshingly professional and supportive. The information provided is clear, the website is easy to navigate, and the services offered to authors are extensive and varied. I think it’s an excellent resource.

  • Ellen Khodakivska
    Ellen Khodakivska

    It is an excellent bookish meeting point for readers and writers. Since I’ve joined it, I met so many glorious fellow writers – Tenkara Smart, James E. Rugman, Abdelkader Ben Rayana, Corlet Dawn, and many others. I enjoyed reading their books so much, and I can’t wait to read their next ones.

  • Dana Lockhart
    Dana Lockhart

    It's been a really friendly community that has had some of the most significant reach for me. A lot of marketing services fail to deliver, but All Author gives a heck of a lot of bang for the buck with just the mock-up tools alone. The people feel personal, like they give you the individual attention you deserve.

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright

    It has helped me gather a few followers I wouldn’t have otherwise and to generate a number of promotional adverts quite easily, which I use to post on Instagram, Twitter and my Facebook page. It gives each book a weekly promotional bump with a striking image surrounding them.

  • Hayley Reese Chow
    Hayley Reese Chow

    I really enjoy all the promotion resources available and the cover contests are always fun! Thanks so much to AllAuthor for this wonderful interview opportunity, and for allowing me to be a part of your community!

  • Jon Gray Lang
    Jon Gray Lang

    AllAuthor has been incredibly easy to work with! The website is easy to use, and the weekly mock-ups are awesome. The book cover contests are a fun addition to the whole process! I really like working with them.

  • Judy Kelly
    Judy Kelly

    I seem to have more exposure on this site than I have on some of my other social media sites. Everything is quick, easy, and affordable for me.

  • Wayne Michaels
    Wayne Michaels

    The amount of exposure to so many different authors and genres is great. A great outlet for self-published and indie authors is the next best thing to the “new section” of a library.

  • Vicky Wahl
    Vicky Wahl

    I really love all the new banners and the tweets put out. The cover contests bring a lot of attention to the authors and their books.

  • Chris Martin
    Chris Martin

    All author has been great in helping us get our books in front of new people and helping us market and advertise to new demographics.

  • JoDee Neathery
    JoDee Neathery

    Wonderfully professional experience with a dedicated staff to make things simple for the author. It’s as though they care as much as I do about my book and its success.

  • Sandra Jeffs
    Sandra Jeffs

    I have benefited greatly. I love the weekly banners that are sent. The quality is fantastic. It is worth every dime I paid for it and I highly recommend it to any author out there.

  • Kim Ann
    Kim Ann

    My favorite parts would be the social media shoutouts, especially on Twitter, and access to unlimited book mock-ups. I use these features all the time for my own social media posts.

  • Scott Lorenz
    Scott Lorenz

    I’ve been very impressed with the services delivered and the creative graphics and placements. I recommend your services to all authors.

  • BJ Wane
    BJ Wane

    I am happy with AllAuthor, and the interaction I have had with you, as well as the different services you offer.

  • Natalie Wright
    Natalie Wright

    AllAuthor provides a valuable service to busy authors. I want to spend my time writing, not marketing. I appreciate having an affordable service that can take on some of the marketing duties so I can spend more time writing.

  • Julia A. Keirns
    Julia A. Keirns

    I joined AllAuthor in November 2020 and have been very pleased with the services. I especially love the banners and ads I can create and use anywhere. I love the exposure.