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  • Sylvia Hubbard
    Sylvia Hubbard

    I love the graphics, the promotions and the wonderful encouragement, tips and tricks AllAuthor provides. Mockups are so on point!

  • Wendy Bayne
    Wendy Bayne

    The services and options available have been invaluable to me. Their promotion of my books has been professional and polished. I am honestly astounded by the variety of services available for such a reasonable price.

  • Brett Humphrey
    Brett Humphrey

    All Author has helped by tweeting, writing reviews, giving me tools for book promotion, artwork and a network to draw from. I have had great experience working with All Author.

  • Ron Roecker
    Ron Roecker

    It’s been a wonderful experience. I feel part of the community unlike all the other options who say they create that as well. I also get manageable information and appreciate that I’m not bombarded with emails. The things AllAuthor offers are relevant and useful.

  • K.G. Inglis
    K.G. Inglis

    I really enjoy being associated with AllAuthor. There are many ways an author can promote their books and gain exposure to thousands of potential readers on a sustained basis with AllAuthor, that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

  • Michele Kwasniewski
    Michele Kwasniewski

    I’m able to connect with other writers and readers which is so important for an unknown author. I’m also able to market the book using the wonderful banner mock-up’s you have on the website. The magic tool makes creating beautiful banner’s so easy! The AllAuthor website has banners for every holiday and season, so I’m able to market my book effectively.It would have been much harder to market my book without your help!

  • Kathleen Byron Etzel
    Kathleen Byron Etzel

    AllAuthor is fantastic. From my Author’s page to all the marketing tools, to the weekly twitter posts, my books featured to gaining new followers and seeing what other writer’s books.

  • Robin Prijs
    Robin Prijs

    The site offers a great platform for me to showcase my books and to have them found by search engines.

  • Fenyx Blue
    Fenyx Blue

    I enjoy the banners. I like the updates about tweets and follows. I appreciate that the platform is growing because exposure is so key in our industry. AllAuthor communicates without constantly flooding my emails. You provide services that are needed to encourage publicity for our books. Finally, I like that you connect directly to Amazon because that is where we want our customers to go to purchase our books. If authors are magicians, AllAuthor is our secret assistant making sure that the tricks are magical and that the audience is filled with spectators to say ooooh and aaaah.

  • Mojgan Azar
    Mojgan Azar

    AllAuthor’s services are really useful to writers like me. Their careful attention to the authors is much appreciated, and their promotion strategies have really been a blessing. I’m thankful that AllAuthor gave me the opportunity to introduce myself and my book to readers in a broad audience.

  • Jean Adrienne
    Jean Adrienne

    AllAuthor has been an amazing support tool for me, from providing creative marketing to sales support. I am grateful!

  • Forrest Robert Stepnowski
    Forrest Robert Stepnowski

    This group of people and artists are supportive of everyone in its membership. I would also recommend AllAuthor for people who have a passion to read incredible books from diverse authors and literary artists. AllAuthor has also brought many opportunities my way than I ever expected.

  • Helen Garraway
    Helen Garraway

    I love seeing the promotional images and tweets that AllAuthor create. It’s nice to see my book being featured. The range of services from gif creators to book promotion and contests are all extremely valuable to self-published authors.

  • Danyelle Scroggins
    Danyelle Scroggins

    AllAuthor has been so wonderful. Sometimes, you join platforms and find them not a user friendly as you thought, but AllAuthor has been delightful. I'm still learning how to navigate around but it's not stressful.

  • Dave Wickenden
    Dave Wickenden

    The regular post and the opportunity to create incredible marketing material is fantastic. There is a lot to gain by joining AllAuthor.

  • Silvia M Wynter - Author
    Silvia M Wynter - Author

    I can use any help I can get with marketing and exposure, both of which AllAuthor provides reasonably and consistently. I’ve been able to use the book mock-ups for both books - Prey of Angels and In the Shadow on different social media platforms which I like.

  • Erica Nyden
    Erica Nyden

    I like the many options and tools available to help advertise my book. So much is already done for me, and that is helpful.

  • Deanna Dewey
    Deanna Dewey

    I really like AllAuthor and believe they offer Authors a good service which is user friendly.

  • Anna J Walner
    Anna J Walner

    AllAuthor has been useful for marketing aspects, and for getting your cover in the public eye.

  • Katy sudano
    Katy sudano

    AllAuthor has been incredible. I have been so pleased with the services that you provide. I have been able to gain confidence in my writing with the feedback that other authors have provided me.

  • Yvonne M Morgan
    Yvonne M Morgan

    I enjoy being a part of AllAuthor. I watch and learn from the other members. I appreciate all they do to help get our works in front of readers. I recommend AllAuthor to any author.

  • Dani Haviland
    Dani Haviland

    I love AllAuthor! The tools, presentation of authors and their/our books, and precision. Easy on a reader’s eyes really makes a difference. Oh, and ease of use. Logical layout works for me!

  • The Secret Submissive
    The Secret Submissive

    AllAuthor’s marketing tools have been an absolute godsend! They have helped me to create engaging and attractive promotional materials, with a professional finish. I have also loved the Tweet scheduler which has really helped me to maintain regular engagement and helped my books to be seen. I will certainly be sticking with them in the future.

  • Katie Ward
    Katie Ward

    I’ve had a great experience with AllAuthor as the promotion given really helps readers to find my books and that’s one of the biggest challenges for a self-published author. I also really love the mock-up tools offered and I have used them to help create my own interesting social media mock-ups. It really is a great asset for authors and I find it so helpful and a great aid to market my books effectively. It has definitely helped me increase my sales too.

  • Gifford MacShane
    Gifford MacShane

    I’ve had a lot of fun with the GIF creator to highlight snippets from my books’ reviews, and I find the instant mock-ups created for me to be very high quality. Both the GIFs and mock-ups are quite easy to use as they come ready-to-post on Twitter and elsewhere.

  • Terra Kern
    Terra Kern

    My experience with AllAuthor has been marvelous. The available author tools are phenomenal and have been instrumental in my promotion and sales success. I get compliments on the ad mockups quite often.

  • Romelia Lungu
    Romelia Lungu

    I like the fact that you promote my books and I can have some time for writing. I also like the fact that you have very fair prices and you offer so much for that money. Overall I like everything about AllAuthor and I am so happy I found out about you.

  • M. Ainihi
    M. Ainihi

    Allauthor provides access to great services, useful tools, and a wonderful community of supportive creatives. I recommend it to all of my bibliophile friends and family.

  • R.A. Lingenfelter
    R.A. Lingenfelter

    I absolutely adore AllAuthor. Everyone has been supportive and embraced me like a friend, not just a number. I’m so grateful I found this family

  • Douglas S. Reed
    Douglas S. Reed

    I really enjoy the experience. I'm very appreciative of the support you provide independent authors such as myself. I absolutely love your mock-up ads. I'm always playing around with your Image maker. AllAuthor is a great service!

  • Samantha Kane
    Samantha Kane

    I love it! You guys are great. It's so wonderful to have a reliable source of promotion and marketing that you don't have to think about, so you can concentrate on writing. And with things like the Magic Tool to make banners for social media, it's such a time saver.

  • Miranda Boers
    Miranda Boers

    I love the mock-ups that AllAuthor offers to authors for promoting and the review gifs. I find it a very simple and straight-forward website with a friendly team.

  • Carolyn Lyall
    Carolyn Lyall

    I checked out the website and discovered the opportunities for creating promotions with the weekly banners. These have been amazing, and I’ve used them frequently in my promotions on FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter. I’ve also recommended the site to a number of other authors and will continue to use AllAuthors as part of my promotional strategy in future releases.

  • Kim Michelle Ross
    Kim Michelle Ross

    I love the mock-up banners and the tools as well as the opportunity to be part of such a worldwide organisation that celebrates books and authors.

  • Kimber Leigh
    Kimber Leigh

    Your website has been very generous with promoting my books and I am grateful that I found it in the Google search engine on that particular day. I would rate your site 5 plus 5 plus 5 stars!

  • Christian de la Huerta
    Christian de la Huerta

    It’s been easy and graceful and I appreciate the work you all do and the platform you have created to connect authors and readers. Thank you! Really. You serve us all.

  • G.R. Thomas
    G.R. Thomas

    I’ve really enjoyed the mock ups, automatic tweets and GIFs for marketing. I’m not very computer literate and it makes it easy for me to create professional images to use in marketing my books. I really enjoy allauthor. Its very easy to use.

  • Mark Tedesco
    Mark Tedesco

    AllAuthor has been the best tool that I have adopted in marketing my books. The Twitter feed, imagery, and gif tools and the platform are well worth the little it costs. I would highly recommend AllAuthor!

  • Niki Mitchell
    Niki Mitchell

    I love the seasonal mockups. They have been useful for ads, Facebook banners, and Instagram.

  • Emi Zako
    Emi Zako

    I think AllAuthor is a great platform to connect authors and readers because it plays a role as a bridge between them. I was able to connect with many authors and readers through AllAuthor. I also love AllAuthor's Book Cover Contest which provides a great opportunity to find wonderful books. In addition, I love the tweet schedule feature because it helps authors to tweet about their books during busy schedule.

  • Ann M. Miller
    Ann M. Miller

    AllAuthor has been wonderfully supportive with its author promotions, social media marketing and ready-made book mock-ups.

  • Grace A Blair
    Grace A Blair

    I love using the AllAuthor book marketing tools. It’s easy and fun to create videos and pictures with quotes. I like how you send me reminders with book covers to share on social media. My author brand looks more professional with the AllAuthor tools.

  • Susan Nicholson
    Susan Nicholson

    AllAuthor website is wonderful with giving my book and myself more exposure and I have found them amazing helping me with the technical side of things which I find difficult. I have also made friends with other authors and have a following! I find AllAuthor very professional and understanding which has helped my journey so much more!

  • Seralynn Lewis
    Seralynn Lewis

    I have enjoyed All Author and especially love the teasers, mockups, and giffies available. The stats are a huge help as well. I'd like to know more about how to market on the site.

  • Keith Thomas Walker
    Keith Thomas Walker

    I’ve had a great experience with this platform. Being a self-published author is very tricky and time consuming. Having a partner like AllAuthor to share some of the load is extremely helpful.

  • Ellen Read
    Ellen Read

    AllAuthor has been very supportive. It’s been an enjoyable working experience. I’d like to thank them so much.

  • Mark Rutherford
    Mark Rutherford

    Writers will know that when you publish a book you are swamped by promotional offers. I had already chosen AllAuthor based on its ease of use, reach, audience, and the quality of the promotional material. I have avoided most of the other offers preferring to concentrate on one. I have not been disappointed and wish I spent more time adding content to make it even better.

  • Monty Vern
    Monty Vern

    AllAuthor is a great platform for authors whether traditionally published or self-published (like me). It provides a place to be discovered and that’s a blessing in this hectic writing world.

  • Darla Noble
    Darla Noble

    AllAuthor is the most consistent and dedicated book promotional resource I’ve found. I can’t say enough good about you guys.

  • Sandra Sigfusson
    Sandra Sigfusson

    Before finding AllAthor, I was creating my book cover mock-ups in Photoshop, which was time-consuming. AllAuthor saves me a great deal of time in creating mock-ups that look professional for my marketing campaigns.

  • Maureen McCabe
    Maureen McCabe

    I appreciate that All Author posts the Gifs I create with their own descriptions. I really appreciate they do that for me. I have regular "tweets" because of All Author. I would definitely recommend your service.

  • M.J. Evans
    M.J. Evans

    AllAuthor has been an amazing support for me as an author. They are providing me with so many marketing materials to use on twitter or facebook or other social media.

  • John Coon
    John Coon

    I like the tools that allow you to make gifs and banners for marketing. It helps my books be seen on visual social media platforms.

  • Carol Smith
    Carol Smith

    I love all the tools on the site for creating book promotions. Plus, your featured books are tweeted about regularly and you receive weekly promotional mock-ups for them. It's great that All Author has a presence on multiple social platforms too.

  • Amanda Uhl
    Amanda Uhl

    I love working with AllAuthor. The site is simple to navigate, and the graphic tools are so helpful and easy to use. I highly recommend it.

  • Edward Hochsmann
    Edward Hochsmann

    I like AllAuthor—it is an excellent place for us rookies to start.

  • K.M. Smith
    K.M. Smith

    I really like the way AllAuthor supports its authors. There are so many ways to promote my book and AllAuthor helps by also promoting my book. The tweet scheduler is particularly useful.

  • Jordyn Kross
    Jordyn Kross

    AllAuthor has been a great experience for me. I feel like I have a private marketing company helping me to share my work. I’m still learning about marketing, but the resources and support provided by AllAuthor have helped me to improve my efforts on all fronts.

  • Ervin Mendlovitz
    Ervin Mendlovitz

    I really think that AllAuthor and its website are very helpful for all who self publish!

  • Tanya S Modispaugh-Roszak
    Tanya S Modispaugh-Roszak

    I first heard about AllAuthor from their cover contests. I joined one and really had a great time. It was a fun way to promote my book and show off the incredible work of my cover designers. Then I looked deeper into the website and all it offered and signed up then and there. I have since made dozens of review gifs and mock ups. I’ve gotten compliments on the designs I’ve released on my social media pages and have just had a great time. This is a fantasy asset for any indie author, especially those of us who live our dreams while still punching the time clock!

  • Paul Edmondson
    Paul Edmondson

    AllAuthor provides a great service for authors. They are really professional and, at the same time, so approachable and responsive. I found, for a debut author especially, that their service and support is second-to-none. Authors can create personal profiles and gain access to a wide variety of marketing tools and to other authors. It feels very much like a partnership!

  • David E Navarro
    David E Navarro

    AllAuthor takes a very proactive approach in helping each individual author to promote their work in the best way possible with graphics, links, posts, and access to audiences. It's simply the best deal I have come across.

  • Beth worsdell
    Beth worsdell

    I have been blown away by the support and encouragement I’ve received from everyone at AllAuthor. It’s a tough business, especially for new writers and I think your support, excellent website, and media pages have been a massive help and benefit to me, and so many others.

  • Kimberley Paterson
    Kimberley Paterson

    I have been very impressed with AllAuthor, I feel that they have provided the best tools and support for maximum exposure. The author page with the tools, options and support provided is amazing.

  • Debra Shade
    Debra Shade

    I absolutely appreciate my association with AllAuthor. I featured my book Maybe She is Right and every Wednesday I get banner mockups that I can share on my social sites. I have gotten some traction from readers and I am able to reach an audience I didn’t have access to. It has been a wonderful experience.

  • Glenn Stevens
    Glenn Stevens

    I love the GIF animations, all the images they create for me to share, the contests, weekly mockup banners, retweets and much more. I get so much value for the small cost. I love AllAuthor!

  • Jess Vaughn
    Jess Vaughn

    I love All Author! I am constantly surprised by the assistance they provide to writers in terms of connecting us to one another, promoting and displaying our works, giving us opportunities to grow our audience with all of the fantastic marketing tools they provide. Because of their banners and things, my social media presentation has greatly improved. I love being able to impose my book titles on their displays.

  • Mark D Richardson
    Mark D Richardson

    All Author has been a fantastic partner in the promotion of my latest and new novel. The marketing has been superb and mock up advertising is second to none. It really feels as if All Author has my interests at heart. It’s like having my own PR team.

  • Harry Carpenter
    Harry Carpenter

    AllAuthor stuck out from everything else I'd found online. The image tools, the "magic tool" which comes in handy to promote your books, as well as the cover contest. I think I've been around just about every corner of this site. The team is super responsive and helpful as well. For any new author coming up, I'd say an AA account is a must.

  • Johanna M Rae
    Johanna M Rae

    I’ve loved being a part of All Author. I think it’s a fantastic place for authors and readers to find each other. There are some great new books just waiting to be discovered! The team at AllAuthor are friendly and helpful. I recommend this site to any avid reader.

  • Victoria J. Hyla
    Victoria J. Hyla

    I have enjoyed AllAuthor because of all of the resources it provides to authors. The Magic Tool is an amazing marketing tool, and the book banners and features go a long way. I enjoy the opportunity of the book cover contest as well. It is a great platform for authors, but as a reader I never knew about it.

  • Jay Veloso Batista
    Jay Veloso Batista

    AllAuthor consistently provides effective marketing tools such as the GIF and banner tools, reliable tweet services and weekly promotional images. I look forward to continuing my relationship with this excellent resource for author support.

  • Sharon K. Connell
    Sharon K. Connell

    I think you’re doing a wonderful job of letting readers know about my books. I appreciate AllAuthor.

  • Areatae N. McGhee
    Areatae N. McGhee

    I enjoy using All Author. It's a great platform for me to create live tweets that go out daily, mock-up photos, connect with other authors, and have a place to add my books to increase views or sales.

  • Lois Crockett
    Lois Crockett

    I love the website. It's fun and easy to use. It helps me with all kinds of promotional materials, scheduling Tweets, the monthly cover contest is fun and I look forward to learning and using it more!

  • Mark Cassell
    Mark Cassell

    One part of being a writer is the marketing side of things. Sure, I can Photoshop stuff and have done in the past, but leaping into being a pro-member on this site has allowed me to take a step back and actually write more. So a big thanks goes to you!

  • Debbi Migit
    Debbi Migit

    AllAuthor is a great resource for writers and readers.

  • Cynthia Kumanchik
    Cynthia Kumanchik

    I love how AllAuthor promotes writers and their novels with contests, marketing tools, and frequent Twitter promotion. I have promoted AllAuthor to my writer friends. I find AllAuthor an essential part of my marketing campaign.

  • Martin J. Best
    Martin J. Best

    I have found AllAuthor to be an excellent resource, and I would certainly recommend it as a promotional platform.

  • Aja

    AllAuthor has been a great platform in adding to my visibility and promoting for me as well.

  • Megan Weiss
    Megan Weiss

    The weekly mock-ups and scheduled tweets are super helpful and I’ve been able to grow my network a bit and get some more followers, which can be super hard for new authors.

  • Sean Paquet
    Sean Paquet

    I have been with AllAuthor for several months, and to be honest, it was the best investment I could have ever made. They do a great job with marketing and promotion. I am continually impressed with their service.

  • Jeff Pollak
    Jeff Pollak

    I was impressed by the utility tools, AllAuthor’s promotional efforts, and the opportunity to expand my circle of author friends.

  • Jenna Galicki
    Jenna Galicki

    I love the majic tool! I make my own teasers and it helps me so much.

  • Zoe Ray
    Zoe Ray

    I absolutely love Allauthor. I think all authors should have an account. The resources they provide are valuable and so easy to use. I’m so glad I found them and became a Pro Member. It’s worth it. I love the Review GIF maker and the Magic Tool. I need those things in my life. It’s so easy to create promos for social media, and it’s quality work. I think I’m obsessed with AllAuthor.

  • Kaye Nutman
    Kaye Nutman

    I think the service of them tweeting about the book on a regular basis is another great feature. It is such an effortless way to get marketing images and publicity for my featured book. The cost is so reasonable too.

  • Chelle Pimblott
    Chelle Pimblott

    AllAuthor is great, it's helpful with promo's and getting your book out there for readers to see and hopefully enjoy.

  • Michelle Karise
    Michelle Karise

    I love the website. The automated tweets are an excellent way of passively marketing my books.

  • Simon Carr
    Simon Carr

    I love the magic tool, i use it all the time with my promotional artworks, and it's a very friendly community, I love how readers can follow authors as well as authors following other authors, it's a great way to network with writers as well as meet new readers.

  • Tiya Rayne
    Tiya Rayne

    I was introduced a year ago by another author friend who told me I should subscribe. I didn’t have many expectations. I just thought it was another platform to promote. Boy, was I wrong. AllAuthor has been a lifesaver. The tools alone are well worth it and all the insight and connections have been incredible.

  • TK Cherry
    TK Cherry

    I saw author friends share AllAuthor posts, so I decided to check out the website. I'm glad I did. I appreciate all the mockups you do, which I use for my custom posts on social media.

  • Mindy Dougherty
    Mindy Dougherty

    This has been an amazing process and you have made it very easy to work. I appreciate the services rendered by your company and thank you very much for this interview.

  • Jodi Artzberger
    Jodi Artzberger

    I've enjoyed every minute of it! You guys are doing a great job!! Every author out there should be using your service.

  • Toni Cox
    Toni Cox

    I love the super-easy instant mock-ups, as well as the GIF maker and tweet scheduler. Everything is easy to use, and the tweets are automated, which is great.

  • McKenna Grey
    McKenna Grey

    AllAuthor is a terrific website with some great benefits, and you get a lot of value for the membership, which is a big plus. The support team is wonderful, and I really like (this is a big one) that I am not inundated with emails. That may seem like an odd thing to appreciate, but it’s important to me. There is the Magic Tool, mockups, featured banners and tweets, cover contests, plus an author page that features my full collection of books. It’s a great deal for the cost.

  • Sho Okumoto
    Sho Okumoto

    I love the website and I love all the options that the website has got to offer. I like how you can make your gifs, I love using the magic tool and I love the seasonal mockup banners. Lots of options and lots of great tools to boost your books. Love the website.

  • Colleen Hall
    Colleen Hall

    My experience with AllAuthor has been very positive. Everyone has been so helpful and welcoming, and I appreciate the opportunities to connect with other writers and readers that AllAuthor offers.

  • Y. Y. Chan
    Y. Y. Chan

    I love the great features of making book mock-ups, gifs, Cover of the Month competitions and being able to connect and follow other authors on the platform. I love how it's such an interactive platform and all the things you do to help and promote authors. I'm so glad I joined!

  • Janice Jones
    Janice Jones

    AllAuthors is reaching a wider audience and giving me a lot more exposure than just social media. I’m very happy with AllAuthors.

  • Linda Thackeray
    Linda Thackeray

    The artwork and tweets has been amazing. I really am glad I stumbled onto this. I have used the Magic tool to create some great banners for myself and the professional look of the tweets is just great.