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  • Dawn Cherie Walker
    Dawn Cherie Walker

    AllAuthor is amazing! I love the gifs and the seasonal banner’s for facebook and twitter. I love the twitter feeds too! An inexpensive way to market a book.

  • Alexa Kang
    Alexa Kang

    I love what you're all doing. Your website is clean, beautiful, and easy to navigate. It's wonderful to have a platform such as yours through which we can connect with new readers! Thanks so much for all you and your team are doing for us.

  • Bink Cummings
    Bink Cummings

    I love this site. I think it offers a variety of options to help promo authors.

  • Elsa Kurt
    Elsa Kurt

    AllAuthor was shared with me on Facebook from another author. I've been loving everything about the site & the services you offer. I hope to see AllAuthor grow and expand & really look forward to continuing my journey with you!

  • Loriana Cappello
    Loriana Cappello

    I signed up as a reader but then looked into the site further and all the facilities for authors. I couldn’t believe how much it had to offer, so I signed up as a full member and I believe, I’ve really reaped the benefits of that.

  • Kethric Wilcox
    Kethric Wilcox

    AllAuthor has been a big help with the social media, especially Twitter. My followers have grown since joining AllAuthor.

  • Victoria Roberts Siczak
    Victoria Roberts Siczak

    I first saw AllAuthor on facebook. Mady invited me to join, and I am thrilled at the job he does at getting our books noticed with fb, and twitter. Proud to be associated with AllAuthor, and I suggest the site to many of my author friends.

  • Bette A. Stevens
    Bette A. Stevens

    I’m always pleasantly surprised by new offerings such as banners, gifs, personal book-related tweets and posts, plus a variety of other perks. This team provides outstanding promotional support. At AllAuthor, there’s always something exciting in the offing for authors.

  • Deb McEwan
    Deb McEwan

    I discovered AllAuthor when browsing the Internet. The way you care about authors is shown by the support you give us and I’m impressed by your services and your reach. Your customer service is pretty awesome too!

  • Wayne Kerr
    Wayne Kerr

    AllAuthor was recommended to me by some other authors at my current publisher. My first impression was that it was a great place for writers and readers to connect. While this is true, it is so much more. On top of providing beautiful profile pages for authors, the promotional tools are easy to use and the results look very professional. Another tool, the tweet scheduler is my favorite, it allows me to spend more of my time writing. Allauthor does a great job promoting authors and our books.

  • Sarah King
    Sarah King

    I discovered AllAuthor through Facebook. I've truly enjoyed it. They provide authors with another platform to help promote their work. It's a hard industry to be in, but AllAuthor helps authors excel.

  • Tonya M Barber
    Tonya M Barber

    I love all the AllAuthor does and how it keeps evolving. New features are added all the time. For right now it's affordable and I don't plan on going anywhere any time soon. AllAuthor was the best investment in my craft that I could have made so far.

  • Kelleye Richards
    Kelleye Richards

    I found AllAuthor, I think, because of one of the authors I design book covers for posted on Facebook about it. I checked it out and decided to sign us up to check it out. I started with the options to have AllAuthor tweet out tidbits or post those on their Facebook page. I love how much AllAuthor really takes the time to come up with things just from what is found in our blurb and in the review that a reviewer posted from AllAuthor.

  • Montgomery Granger
    Montgomery Granger

    It's been over a year, and I really like the TLC! It feels like AllAuthor cares about me as a person, not just as an author, and I feel like they have my six (that's "have my back" in military-speak)! They do great previews.

  • Sue Lilley
    Sue Lilley

    I’m a huge fan of Allauthor. The website is so attractive, so bright and easy to navigate. The service you provide is second to none. For a technophobe like me, the “one-click” banners and Gifs are amazing. Thank you for your support.

  • Phil Taylor
    Phil Taylor

    I love AllAuthor. They do a lot to publicize my book as well as providing me with dynamic tools that allow me to create my own publicity that looks professional.

  • Barbara Longley
    Barbara Longley

    AllAuthor invited me to enter my latest cover in their cover of the month contest. Before that, I knew nothing about AllAuthor. Since then I’ve been nothing but impressed by what AllAuthor has to offer to its members. It’s a really cool site, and a very supportive and friendly administration.

  • Anne Mercier
    Anne Mercier

    I love AllAuthor! I'm not one who tweets a lot so the fact that AllAuthor promotes my books via Twitter helps me tremendously. I love the site and the GIF maker! That GIF maker is fantastic! I love how AllAuthor is personal with me, how they know my books, and that they're constantly looking for ways to help me reach new readers.

  • erin trejo
    erin trejo

    I love AllAuthor. It’s an easy to use site that is completely user friendly. They are amazing. They always share and whenever I’ve had a question, they are fast to answer. I would highly recommend them.

  • Fran Connor
    Fran Connor

    All Author has been positive insofar as I see they tweet regularly and have an excellent website. And Mady Joshi puts in a lot of time and effort to help authors reach readers. They seem to be very supportive of authors and I recommend them to fellow authors.

  • Stevie MacFarlane
    Stevie MacFarlane

    I am a fan of AllAuthor and have shared your site with others. So far I’m very satisfied and am still exploring all the options you offer. Of course I don’t spend a lot of time on promotion, so your tweet scheduler is a time-saver.

  • H. Leighton Dickson
    H. Leighton Dickson

    I love working with indie authors and I have the most respect/admiration for people who help market us. AllAuthor is a great site and your tweeting service is a blessing for folks like me, to whom Twitter is terrifying!

  • Debbie White
    Debbie White

    I love the tweets that AllAuthor provides. They are super and I believe helps with sales of my books. I'm quite happy but surprised when I get little things in my email like Gifs etc, and although I haven't participated in the cover contest, I have voted for some. I think they do good work and I'm happy to have found them.

  • Carrie Turansky
    Carrie Turansky

    I first joined AllAuthor in 2016 and became a pro-member 2017 when I released Waiting for His Return, one of my self-published novellas. I like many things about AllAuthor and appreciate their help with getting the word out about my books. I like the connection with Twitter and the posts to go out there. That has been very helpful. Overall I’m happy and would recommend AllAuthor to other writers.

  • Justin Edison
    Justin Edison

    AllAuthor has a clean, well-done site. Most of all, I like how there weren't a ton of hoops to jump through.

  • Ashe Barker
    Ashe Barker

    I was drawn in to one of AllAuthor;s cover contests, and opened a free account. I quite liked the funky little graphics and GIFs which kept arriving, and wanted more of the promo stuff so upgraded my account. I’ve not been part of the AllAuthor family for that long, but so far it’s been a nice ride.

  • Rick Just
    Rick Just

    I like the GIFs you create for authors, as well as tweets and other services at a reasonable price.

  • Velvet Vaughn
    Velvet Vaughn

    This is my first year using the AllAuthor site and it has exceeded my expectations! It’s a wonderful resource for all writers. I am truly thankful that I found AllAuthor!

  • Blue Saffire
    Blue Saffire

    It has been a very positive experience. Everyone has been helpful and resourceful. The ads and features are awesome.

  • Lindy Evans and writing partner Remy Beaumont
    Lindy Evans and writing partner Remy Beaumont

    The experience generated has been wonderful I am very happy with the tools provided by AllAuthor have assisted me in creating promotions for “Armand-Jean du Plessis” and the sales are creeping up slowly.

  • Jaimie Roberts
    Jaimie Roberts

    AllAuthor has been great to me. They're very good at looking after their authors. Would still highly recommend.

  • Stuart Field
    Stuart Field

    AllAuthor is a great site, and I’m grateful for all their help in boosting my books to a broad audience. Thank you for everything AllAuthor.

  • Janet Doolaege
    Janet Doolaege

    AllAuthor is a wonderful help in publicizing what I write, particularly as I am not good at self-promotion. A big thank you to the team at AllAuthor.

  • Kasey Martin
    Kasey Martin

    AllAuthor has helped to expose my books to an audience that wouldn’t necessarily know about them.

  • C.L.Swinney

    AllAuthor is a fantastic service. I’ve found folks to be helpful, experienced, and professional. I would recommend their service to all authors no matter their status within the writing community.

  • Daniel Peter Buckley
    Daniel Peter Buckley

    For any author looking to broaden their books reach and appeal All Author offers a first class professional service and they focus on promoting and supporting their authors' books via varied media and social platforms. I would recommend All Author to all writers looking to promote their books to a wider audience and providing a professional platform for your books.

  • Brenda C Mohammed
    Brenda C Mohammed

    I have two blogs on Blogspot and a website at AllAuthor.com. I am very fortunate that my website provider, Mady Joshi, promotes my books with catchy phrases on Facebook Groups and Twitter regularly. He recently introduced gifs for every occasion. The most recent was for Halloween. Another feature he has introduced is a scrolling ad for reviews. AllAuthor.com is the most innovative website provider I have ever used.

  • A.J. Downey
    A.J. Downey

    It looked like a good place to connect with new readers and it was refreshing in that there wasn’t a whole lot of room for drama like on Facebook or Twitter, but rather used both of those platforms to keep it real and about the books, which is what we are all here for in the first place. I liked that, and wanted to give it a try. I am glad I did.

  • Ivan Figueroa
    Ivan Figueroa

    I have been with you since your first baby steps and I have now seen you firmly take decisive firm leaps on route to become the premier author and book promoting site in the media.

  • Sara Allen
    Sara Allen

    My experiences with AllAuthor has been very good. I find all the information that I need, the dashboard is simple and easy to use, and it does what it says it’s going to do.

  • Donna Steele
    Donna Steele

    Being a writer isn’t easy, but being the advertising department is nearly impossible for me. AllAuthor has helped me get my name out there, which is so important these days with so many books coming out daily. Having someone who knows what they’re doing helping me is a major step forward and I really appreciate it.

  • Stephanie Payne Hurt
    Stephanie Payne Hurt

    I've enjoyed my experience with AllAuthor. I actually have recommended your site to many of my author friends. It's a helpful site and the many different facets of the site help authors get their books out to the public. Thanks for all you do for authors.

  • Catherine Taylor
    Catherine Taylor

    I’m still amazed at the services AllAuthor provides, and I’m constantly telling other authors to check you out. I spend at least three hours a day marketing myself through social media and it certainly helps that I don’t have to be tweeting my books, because AllAuthor is doing that for me. I look at the author profile that you’ve given me and I’m astounded. It’s easy to use and navigate, has everything I need to share with my readers. Even the opportunity to do interview has been much appreciated and you have my highest recommendation.

  • Auria Jourdain
    Auria Jourdain

    So far, I've had a wonderful experience with All Author. These interview questions are fantastic, too. I came across your platform through a mutual friend, and it’s been a positive experience. And, I’ve actually recommended you to several of my writer friends as well!

  • Madge H. Gressley
    Madge H. Gressley

    If you were rating on a 1-10 scale (10 being the best), I would give AllAuthor a 15! I have really enjoyed working with you folks and I have already recommended AllAuthor to several of my author friends.

  • Cheryl Matthynssens
    Cheryl Matthynssens

    I look for sites such as AllAuthor. I find that these sites with a little personal investment into my success tend to be more effective then those that bury you deep in their website after the first month.

  • Mary Ting
    Mary Ting

    What I appreciate about AllAuthor is their unique services and professionalism. They are always looking to expand and promote authors out of the box.

  • K.L. Shandwick
    K.L. Shandwick

    AllAuthor promotes me through facebook and twitter every day, which frees up some of my time to work on other responses I get from readers and authors to support them.

  • Robin Geesman
    Robin Geesman

    AllAuthor has been wonderful in that respect. They not only have a beautiful and interactive site, but, also AllAuthor has taken very good care of me. They have promoted my work as if it were their own on numerous promotional pages and twitter. And not just one time and it's over. AllAuthor has stood by me and promoted me numerous times.

  • Tish Thawer
    Tish Thawer

    "AllAuthor is a staple in my social media presence. The site is very user-friendly and the team are always looking to improve and expand their services. I'm so happy to have found them and appreciate all they do."

  • Sarah J. Pepper
    Sarah J. Pepper

    AllAuthor is GREAT! I know that I have a presence online even when I'm in my writing cave.

  • A.D. Ellis
    A.D. Ellis

    I like AllAuthor's tweet scheduling tool, makes it easy to be sure my name and tweets are getting out there day-to-day.

  • Alexandrea Weis
    Alexandrea Weis

    "The team at AllAuthor are professional and helpful. The interact with their authors and are always seeking ways to improve service. I am so glad I found them, and I am very pleased with what they have done to increase my readership."

  • Jocelyne Forget
    Jocelyne Forget

    AllAuthor really had an impact on my sales. The first week I adhered to your site, 350 visitors have been registered and six months later, over 4000!

  • E.G. Weeks
    E.G. Weeks

    AllAuthor’s Free Author Program helps me promote with the book teasers and auto tweets. Keeping it free is a blessing to me.

  • Larry Landgraf
    Larry Landgraf

    I believe AllAuthor will be a major platform for me to get the word out about “Into Autumn”. Thank you AllAuthor for all your help.

  • Hope Destiny
    Hope Destiny

    AllAuthor does a lot of work for me on the back in thru Twitter and Facebook. When I am not promoting then they are so that works out well for me and can work for any authors who are just starting off and have no idea of how to reach the massess

  • G. S. Scott
    G. S. Scott

    I would definitely refer people to AllAuthor, as they were referred to me by a rather well known author, Ms. Stacey Rourke.

  • Brie Paisley
    Brie Paisley

    I think AllAuthor has helped a lot in getting more readers to look at my books. I’ve seen my work posted in book groups and on twitter. I would refer this to my author friends, just to see if they would like it as much as I do!

  • Heather Guimond
    Heather Guimond

    AllAuthor has helped me reach out to a number of people I might not otherwise have been able to reach. The Tweet Scheduler is great tool, it works automatically so I don't have to log in and create a new tweet every day. I can feel secure in the knowledge that it's helping me to promote my work with almost no effort on my part. It's very convenient. I'd recommend it to anyone. For very little cost, you can reach thousands of people you wouldn't otherwise reach, and also know that AllAuthor team is there to help you every step of the way by working hard on your behalf.

  • Siera London
    Siera London

    AllAuthor has been a integral component of my visibility strategy. I'm not a promotion guru, so the service that AllAuthor provides allows me to focus on what I enjoy most about my writing journey–writing.

  • Nickii Fowler
    Nickii Fowler

    AllAuthor has helped me begin to channel my thoughts, and begin to use social media. I'm very new to Facebook and Twitter, I'm still in the learning stages.

  • D. Magwood
    D. Magwood

    I use Facebook, and AllAuthor to promote my book. I post on Facebook and I have set tweets that come out of my AllAuthor account to my Twitter account. I am thankful to have AllAuthor to assist me with my marketing, and I will definitely refer this platform to anyone that will listen.