Rise of the Avatar: Tip of the Spear
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Rise of the Avatar: Tip of the Spear

by S Jason BerkopesPublish: Apr 01, 2022Series: Rise of the AvatarAction & Adventure Science Fiction Fantasy



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Rise of the Avatar complete series

Action & Adventure Science Fiction Fantasy

My name is Jason and I’ve been writing as a hobby since 2010. I grew up in the Indiana countryside and moved quite a lot during my formative years. Most of that time was spent in central and southern Indiana.

I attended Speedway High School, home of the Indianapolis Speedway 500, and graduated in 1995. July of 1995, I entered the Air Force and attended basic training in San Antonio TX. Upon graduating basic training, I was deployed to Biloxi MS where I spent almost a year training in my field of electronics repair. I spent the remainder of my six-year contract with the military at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha NE.

I picked up on writing during my years in the military, writing short stories as a hobby to pass the time. The DragonLance series of fantasy books provided me with an outlet for my imagination. That allowed my hobby of writing short stories to blossom into a desire to write full length novels.

I’ve worked in the security industry since separating from the Air Force in 2001. Most of that work has centered around video surveillance and access control. But my passion is creating a world for someone else to get lost in as I do when I pick up a novel.

I have a myriad of hobbies. I’ve always been a muscle car junkie. I grew up in a garage watching my stepfather build hot rods, customize muscle cars, and restore classics. I spend time gaming with friends, watching movies and writing the occasional screenplay just for the fun of it. I like carpentry, museums, art, and sculpture.

The oddest thing about me is my addiction to research. I research anything and everything I can because that information is available to me in this age. I rarely purchase anything without researching it first and I really enjoy researching for things I will never own or likely do.

My goal is to entertain and inspire. The thought of others finding joy in what I create and even inspiration in what my stories might bring to them on a personal level, keeps me focused.

Book Detail
Title Rise of the Avatar: Tip of the Spear
Series Rise of the Avatar
Author S Jason Berkopes
Publish Date 01, Apr 2022
Language English
Page Count 315