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President of Mount Knowledge Inc. and Toronto Education Press Inc., an international businessman, patented Personalize Gamification Educational software inventor, professor, publisher, author, Keynote speaker on ‘Make Mt. Everest Your Stepping Stone,’ business and personal productivity consultant, movie and music co-producer, award-winning poet, Mt. Everest mountaineer, philanthropist and travelled to 108 countries.

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(3) (1) Paperback,
The First Pillar of Love - A Mount Everest Expedition for Sarah - Trilogyby Erwin E. SniedzinsPublish: Mar 02, 2023Biographies & Memoirs
Make Mt. Everest Your Stepping Stone with Artificial Intelligence
Make Mt. Everest Your Stepping Stone with Artificial Intelligenceby Erwin E. SniedzinsPublish: May 08, 2020Series: Trilogy - Personal, Education, BusinessAdvice & How To
U-CANDU Syntality Accelerated Learning Training Program
(1) Paperback,
U-CANDU Syntality Accelerated Learning Training Programby Erwin SniedzinsPublish: Sep 27, 1995Advice & How To

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  • Trilogy - Personal, Education, Business

    1 Make Mt. Everest Your Stepping Stone with Artificial Intelligence - Published on May, 2020

Erwin Ernest Sniedzins Interview On 29, Nov 2022

"President of Mount Knowledge Inc., Erwin Ernest Sniedzins wanted to be the first man on the moon. With a black belt in Karate, Erwin was always interested in sports in school. His book, Make Mt. Everest Your Stepping Stone is about how to overcome HUGE or any challenges in YOUR life by making them into STEPPING STONES. He has traveled to 108 countries. He produced Everest, Climb for Hope movie that won the gold award at the New York Film Festival."
What was your childhood dream?

To be the first man on the moon!

When in school, what were you more interested in - attending music class, writing stories, or participating in speaking competitions?

Sports, skiing (I travelled around the world with my ski boots), squash, tennis, martial art – I have a black belt in Karate

How can an introvert become a successful keynote speaker? Were you always an introvert or an extrovert?

An ambivert – socially awkward but energized on subjects that I know -

What is Mount Knowledge Inc. about?

It is a patented Education company that helps people to get on top (mount) their knowledge by using the Knowledge Generator™ (KG) software application. Students can copy and paste what they want to learn, and the KG engine will automatically gamify the content into exercises and tests and give the student a score and marks for the right answers. No teacher or course designer is needed. The product is great for homeschooling, teachers’ assistance and self learning

What qualities characterize a great professor?

Having enough real-world experience to enable patience and empathy in helping others to turn Information Into their Knowledge (iiK).

Is the art of writing poems different than that of composing music? Which one takes more time?

Both are a manifestation of imagery and rhythm. Words and notes are the cadences of our desires. Like an artist, you always want to touch up the painting, but you must let your child go on their own and use this experience to dwell in the next form of expression.

Why did you choose the title "The Reele Deal" and not "The Real Deal"?

I would ask you to reach out to Sarah Ogutu sarahogutu@hotmail.com to ask her thoughts

In what ways do you think your book, Make Mt. Everest Your Stepping Stone with Artificial Intelligence, will help readers overcome their challenges?

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one thought.” It is the “Eureka!” moment that festers into an action called the first step.

How many steps do you take in your lifetime? Some of these steps are obvious, such as walking to school, classes, stores, dancing, and sports. Other steps are unconscious. Mt. Everest is 29,028 feet or steps. You actually traverse Everest several times since you climb up to acclimatize and down to sleep, and then in the morning, go higher to set the next camp. If you are lucky enough to reach the summit, you finally climb all the way down.

Make Mt. Everest Your Stepping Stone is how to overcome the HUGE or any challenge in YOUR life by making them into STEPPING STONES. Focus on the Summit and break the mountain into camps and then smaller steps. Do not fix your sights on a straight line. You will need to zig and zag to get around boulders and overhanging ledges. Creativity and luck play into the climb.

Artificial Intelligence enables you to quickly learn from other experiences, take a quick course, find kindred spirits and comrades to share the load and add resources to the journey.

There are three mountain ranges in life – Personal – Education – Business. The “Make Mt. Everest Your Stepping Stone with Artificial Intelligence” trilogy breaks down these mountain ranges and provides climbing tools using AI to help you summit your goals.

How did you come up with the idea for your book, U-CANDU Syntality Accelerated Learning Training Program?

Everything in life starts with U and ends with U. At UCANDU, we help you with the journey in between by training you on how to use accelerating learning techniques. The company is a manifestation of my experiences and results, which started when I was listening to the Monks chanting in the Rongbuk Monastery in Tibet. I realized that they were using cadence to help them remember their stories.

Do you ask questions for help when you can’t think of any ideas of your own?

Always. Do not try to reinvent the wheel if you can find someone or information to help you stand on the shoulder of others who “have been there and done that.” This is where AI and the internet help to accelerate your ideas and format your goals.

I always ask myself, “Who or what can help me overcome the obstacle? In my “The Three Pillars of Love” on Family, Teresa and Climb for Hope trilogy books, I relate that there was a 10-year wait time to get a permit to climb Mt. Everest. Who can help me to get in front of the line? My mind thought of Sir Edmund Hillary. Eureka! Is he still alive? How do I get in touch with him? Whom can I call? There was no internet and Google in 1988. Eventually, I found the answers and called him. He became a patron and honourary guest at my Climb for Hope Gala fund raiser.

Having done so many things in life, what have you enjoyed the most?

Travelling to 108 countries, publishing 12 books, producing Everest, Climb for Hope movie that won the gold award at the New York Film Festival, Patented the Knowledge Generator and the things I am working on now – Affordable Housing using 3D printers.

How does one become successful in business?

The easy answer is to have enough money and, most importantly, at least three core people on your team. You can only build a successful business with a few core people – i.e. Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, etc. The rest is your persistence and agility to adapt to each challenge.

When can we expect the release of the next book in the Trilogy - Personal, Education, Business?

I hope next year at 700,888 hours of my life.

Where do you see yourself as an author in 10 years? Are there any goals you hope to accomplish by then?

To improve on the books, I have already done and use the 3PL trilogy to create a Netflix 40-minute travelogue TV adventure series.

What are your thoughts on AllAuthor? Is this a website you see yourself using for some time, even in the future?

I know that the attributes of the AllAuthor platform are compelling and affordable. It allows authors and publishers to get their books unto the web with marketing display tools and distribution channels.

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U-CANDU Syntality Accelerated Learning Training Program
(1) Paperback,
U-CANDU Syntality Accelerated Learning Training Programby Erwin SniedzinsPublish: Sep 27, 1995Advice & How To
Erwin Ernest Sniedzins Erwin Ernest Sniedzins 3 years ago
The book provides a step by step method to enable people to learn faster and easier. It is a training program and not a pill solution to pop one in your mouth and presto you are now a super learner. It takes 40 hours to learn the basics and then its try until you can do

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