Beverly L. Anderson Interview Published on: 05, Jun 2023

Could you tell us a little about where you grew up and what your childhood was like?

Well, I grew up in southern Texas in a town of about 3000 people. I always read for enjoyment, as we were very rural and it wasn't until I was almost out of school that we got cable. I spent much of my childhood buried in books from the library.

When and who first introduced you to romance novels? When did you decide to start writing your own?

That's really a funny story, as I always hated romance, and to be pulled into writing it is ironic. I never liked heterosexual romance, but when I found gay romance (and my own gender identity as well) I found something I loved.

Who are some of your favorite romance authors and in what ways do you think their stories and writing style have carried onto you and their books?

I wouldn't say I specifically follow any "romance" authors, but strangely, my main influences are Anne McCaffrey, Stephen King, and Roger Zalazny.

What sparked the idea for The Legacy of the Phoenix series?

I got the idea for Legacy of the Phoenix when I was about twenty, and started writing it. It was actually my love of playing Dungeons and Dragons that sparked it I would say. I got into character creation and world building by running game.

Blooming Camellia is the final part of the Doctor’s Training Trilogy. What challenges did you face while writing the finale of this trilogy?

Well, Blooming Camellia is currently still being written as I'm releasing it on Kindle Vella as a serial publication first before the final version releases in long form. The biggest challenge is facing the end of the story, as I love my characters and seeing it complete is kind of sad.

What are some important issues you hope to discuss or bring to light through your books and your writing?

I really want people to see people like me and themselves in the stories, so queer people doing the things that normally you only see straight people do. I want them to realize their ideas of seeing non binary, trans, and other folks doing things that traditionally they haven't seen.

How did you get the idea for the "Doctor's Training" series? Did you plan on this being a series all along or did it just sort of happen?

It started as one book. I was working with a co-author on an idea that started as fanfiction. Then we thought, you know, this would be an awesome original. Let's write it! And then it kept growing beyond what it was originally intended!

When writing a story, what do you like to give the most importance to - the buildup of romance, the witty dialogue, the HEA, the interesting characters, etc?

I'm a pantser, so I start with an idea and go from there. Usually, I have an end in mind, which is the HEA, and decide how to get there. I decide is this going to be a slow build, or a quick intense romance, then go from there.

When building new characters, what sort of things do you establish first? What do you consider last?

I start with personality, and then choose the name that fits them, followed by how their look can support that.

What are some of your favorite things to do besides reading or writing?

I love playing table top games like Dungeons and Dragons and White Wolf, and I'm a huge fan of PlayStation games like the Final Fantasy series. I love RPGs, obviously!

How important do you think a book title is? What are your tips for penning a catchy and intriguing book title like "Rainbow Daisy"?

The title is actually one of the first things I come up with. I get the idea, then the title, and then typically start with a cover idea that speaks to me. I think you just take pieces of things that make sense, like with Rainbow Daisy, there's a rainbow of emotions in the story, and Daisy is the scene name for the main character.

What is your definition of happiness? Do you recall the happiest moment in your life?

Oh, that's a tough one! I like to think it was the birth of children into my life, but really every day is a moment of happiness when I realize I'm doing what I love with my life.

What are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself as an author in 10 years' time?

Hopefully, have all these serials I've started complete and out in long form! I want to have Chains of Fate (the title for the entire series of books) done, or at least to the point I'm adding new books for the future!

Are you working on anything new, and if so, when can we expect it?

I actually just started a new one named Claiming Belladonna which I'll be posting as I write it, so I'll be posting it soon!

What do you think of AllAuthor and your experience with it so far? Got any feedback for us?

AllAuthor has been awesome, and it's a tool I can't see myself doing without anytime soon!

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